Thursday, April 13, 2017

Louis Vuitton Felicie Review and WIMB

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The Felicie has been one of my most used bags since September.  I first purchased the Leopard Felicie.  It was too beautiful to pass on.  I acquired it for the specific purpose of using it as an evening and special event bag however I found myself using it as an every day bag.  I wanted to baby it a little more then that, so I decided to get another one.  When LV put out the World Tour version, I had to pick it up.  Now the Leopard is taken out for special moments and the World Tour is used as an every day bag.


The Felicie comes with a chain strap and two inserts - a flat card case and a zippered pouch.  It is technically a Wallet On Chain, but works as an independent bag.  You can choose to wear it as a shoulder bag, a clutch or a cross body bag.  As mentioned, it can also be a wallet. 

The inserts can be used on their own.  I find them very handy in all of my bags.  I recently sold my Caissa card holder, because I prefer to use the card insert in my smaller bags as it can accommodate unfolded bills. 

What's In My Bag

This is a small bag - a wallet sized bag.  It does not hold a lot.  I use it for quick errands and nights out.  I love to take it when we go to the movies or for a casual dinner.  I generally put my victorine, 6 key holder and a lipstick inside and call it a day.  If I am feeling adventurous and want to switch everything out, I use the inserts that come with the bag.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this bag 100 percent.  If you like to go compact or want to follow the small bag trend, then you should look into the Felicie.  It has a reasonable (for luxury) price point, is multi-functional and is cute as a button.  There are endless colourways and special editions.  I have to stop myself from purchasing more!


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