Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Easter Table

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Easter is always a grand celebration in our family.  We start the day with an egg hunt, head over to my grandparents house for a light Easter lunch, retreat to our beds for a food coma induced siesta and then sit down for Easter dinner.

This year we kept the menu simple.  Baked ham, cold potato salad, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.  I baked a triple layer carrot cake for dessert!

I set the table in bright colours and used the always favourite mini eggs as décor!

I will say, Easter has a renewed whimsy about it now that I have a child.  The look on his face when he sees the easter eggs.  He decided that all the mini eggs were for him and stole every packet off the table and hid them in his wagon!

It was a busy, beautiful day.


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Salt and Pepper Shakers

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!


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