Monday, April 10, 2017

Make Up Monday - Nailpolish Declutter

Hello, hello!!

Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!  We did more yard work, went for Brunch, played outside and had an overall great time! 

My blog posts keep getting sabotaged, lol.  Friday's blog was pushed due to weather and todays blog post is pushed due to unavailability!  I saw that Cover girl had added to their Kay Kat Line with 4 new Katy Kat Pearl Lipsticks and 2 highlighter/eyeshadows.  I thought I would pop out last night, pick them up and do a first impression/swatch post today.  Well, they are no where to be found!  There are empty displays, but no product!  I even tried to order online and cannot find them anywhere!

I will keep looking and have that for you guy soon, I hope!

So instead, today we are going to declutter my nail polish!  I did this last year and got rid of a ton of old polishes, but I want to keep purging until I get it down to just a few key favourites.  (I find this takes time.)  FYI:  I don't throw the nail polish out.  My husband and my dad fix cars and use the nail polish to colour code the parts so they know how to put it all back together!  They love when I declutter!!

If you want to help me declutter my nail polish, stick around...

Nail Polish Chaos

I have too much nail polish!  I do not wear most of these.  With a small child, I rarely paint my nails and when I do I stick to either neutral or red.  I do love a dark polish for the cooler months.

Some days I think I should just throw them all away and start fresh, but then I think about how much I spent on these little bottles of colour and my instinct to save them is great!

Sort It Out

I sorted them into eight groups:  vested interest, top/base coats, colours, reds, darks, neutrals, pale colours, minis and sparkles.

Vested Interest

This is my favourite colour of all time.  I have 3 and 2 dupes.  I kept the 3 original and tossed the dupes.

Top/base Coats

I kept all of my top and base coats. 


I decided to toss all of my colours except...

this purple.  It is the perfect purple.


I kept them all.  Total sucker for a good red!


Kept these...

Tossed these!


Neutrals was tough for me.  I love neutral, boring nails the most.  Kept most of them.

Managed to let two go!

Pale Colours

Kept these two beautiful colours.

Let go of these never worn colours.


I never use minis.  I need to stop buying them!  Let go of all of them except...

Kept these as they were a Christmas gift :)


I kept a few sparkles to use as top coats.

I would have kept these, but they are both pretty old so - toss.

Alright, that is a little better.  I meant to get rid of more, but one step at a time!

Final Results

I am keeping all the polish in the teal container.

Sigh.  Still too many...

Do you declutter your hoards?  Let me know if you are like me and it takes months to get the pile to where it needs to be!

Take care and I hope my blog tomorrow isn't sabotaged.

Be on the look out for a Cookie Recipe!

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