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Luxury Bag Charms. Are They Worth It?

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Bag Charms. 

They have been taking the Luxury Handbag world by storm for a while now.  From pompoms to luggage tags to cles to metal and leather charms, they are everywhere.

Instagram has seemed to really add fuel to the bag charm fire, along with the Limited Edition nature of most bag charms.

A question I see and heat a lot is:  Are Luxury Bag Charms Worth The Money?

I feel like with everything else in the luxury world, this question is unique to everyone.  I have a very conflicting opinion on the subject and will share that with you here.

Luxury Bag Charms:  Are they worth it?

Probably Not

Now hear me out.  I love bag charms.  I have two leather charms and I put them on everything.  They are so cute and can change up the feeling of a bag. 

You can get luxury bag charms in any shape, material, colour or design you can think of.  I feel like most people buy charms that mean a little something to them or are specific in choosing colours and designs.

I am the same way.  I purchased the rose ballerine mirror charm because of the rose ballerine and because it matched all of my bags.  I picked up the Flamingo charm because Flamingos were my wedding theme and that one felt really personal for me.

The problem comes into play because of the price.  They generally range from three hundred dollars and into the thousands depending on the brand, size and material of the bag charm.  With the popularity, they have really increased in price over the last few years.

I look at my bag charms and think,  I could have used that money to get a bag.

I also look at the bag charms and think that their popularity is going to end and I am going to have these items that I am never going to use and that no one wants to buy.

I see some people with beautiful bag charm collections.  I love them.  I appreciate them.  If I was a millionaire, I would probably own all the bag charms, but with a set amount of income and money to spend on Luxe goods, I can't quite justify owning luxury bag charms.

I am in the market to sell one of my charms and I am working myself up to sell the other one.  I would rather put that money towards a bag or a wallet or just something else.

You can also get very cute, non-luxury bag charms for twenty dollars.  If I want to dress up my bags, I will go this route in the future.

Bag Charms, why do you have to be so cute?  Is the real question!


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