Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday Is For Luxe - 3 LV Tag by Michala V

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Today we are doing something super fun - a YouTube tag video!!  I don't have a YouTube channel, so I like to do these in blog form!!

This tag was created by Youtuber and Blogger Michala V.  Check out her channel and her blog!!  She is super fun and upbeat.  I love watching her videos and she came up with this awesome tag!

The tag is:  "If you could only have 3 Louis Vuitton items for the rest of your life, which ones would they be?! Which 3 LV items could you not live without?!!"

This was a difficult tag!!  I thought about this for a few days and think I have my best answer worked out!

If you would like to see which items and chose and why, keep reading.

3 LV Tag by Michala V

1.)  Empriente Key Pouch

At first I chose the 6 key holder, but when I really thought about it the key pouch makes a tad more sense.  I can use it everyday for keys, but also use it as a downsized wallet!  I love this piece and use it all the time!  A great multi functional, versatile piece.

2.) Felicie in "Wild"

This is such a unicorn piece for me that I would never get rid of it, but it also makes sense in a small collection.  The Felicie is technically a WOC and it comes with a flat card holder/wallet and a coin pouch.  I can use it as a wallet or as a fully functional small bag.  It would be my compact and my special occasion bag!

3.)  Lumineuse PM in Infini

This is my unicorn, holy grail, most prized bag of all time.  I searched for this item for years and finally found it in brand new condition.  The lock had never been used.  There were no scratches on the hardware.  I will keep this bag forever.  It is great for an everyday bag, a travel bag and it is worry free, beautiful empriente leather!  I also love how it looks on and I never get tired of wearing it!

This is such a fun tag. It really makes you look at your collection in a different way!

I tag all of you can if you do this please let me know in the comments!  I would love to read it!  I think this tag translates well to youtube, blogs and Instagram! 

Check out Michala V on her many platforms!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow with a little DIY, if the weather holds!

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