Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wardrobe Wednesday - Spring Refresh

Hello, hello!!

Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

Spring is here(ish).  The snow is starting to melt, hopefully for good this time, and the sun is setting later in the evening!  I am staying positive and hoping for a warm April!!

I had a look through my closet and decided that I needed a few things to shore up my spring wardrobe options.  Most of these items will also translate to summer.  I can wear them all with pants or shorts!

I was really low in the top department and I needed a spring jacket.

Where I live, the shopping is awful.  Besides a small Old Navy, there is nothing good here.  This leaves me with the internet, but shopping for clothes online can be awkward, especially when you are losing weight and don't know your size.  All the damn size charts in the world can't ensure a nice fit.

When this happens, I always turn to the GAP.  I know my sizes in all applicable clothing and if they don't fit, FREE RETURNS!! 

I thought I would show you what I ordered and then when they arrive, I can show you how they look on/pair with jeans and shorts.


This light weight hoodie looked perfect for days around the house and playing outside with my son.

Modal Half Sleeve Hoodie
I love a good V-neck tee.  I wanted these oversized as well, so I got the XL.  I hope they fit.  I bought 4 of them in different colours!

Vintage Wash V-neck Tee

I had this in the winter in Navy and loved it.  They finally brought it back, so I ordered 3!  If they fit well in the L, I will be ordering more!

This is a FAVOURITE!

Soft V-neck Long Sleeve Sweater


I bought these to go with all of the above tops.  They should work out great for kid activities!

Crop Leggings


Light Jacket

I wanted a light jacket to throw on over t-shirts.  I love the look of this one.  I wanted an over sized look so I purchased the XL, but after reading the reviews, I might be sending this back and ordering a smaller one.  I am busty and do want to be able to zip it up, so we will see.
Utility Jacket


I love an open front cardigan and GAP makes all of my favourite sweaters.  I got this in Oatmeal.  Again, if it fits well, I will probably order a few more!
Open Front Cardigan


My husband really liked this jacket, so I ordered it as a surprise!  He loves a retro vibe to his wardrobe and I think this fits the bill!

Vintage Bomber
I hoped you liked seeing my little clothing shopping spree!  I will update you on sizing and how they look once the orders come in!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!!

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**this is not a sponsored post and I have not used any affiliate links.  All links are for convenience only!  I just really love the GAP!

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