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Thursday Is For Luxe - Pochette Metis Review and WIMB

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If you are a luxury fan or a Louis Vuitton fan, then you are probably already familiar with the LV Pochette Metis!  This has been the LV "it" bag for some time now.

They are always sold out and the waitlists are huge.

Recently, LV has come out with the Pochette Metis in two new canvas prints and empriente leather.  I believe that the new canvas prints are sold out worldwide, but the empriente version is just coming out now.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Pochette Metis and discovering what can fit inside this popular bag.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

I had no interest in the Pochette Metis for the longest time.  I thought it wasn't my style and it really did not attract me at all.  When LV released the new version in the Reverse Monogram, I knew that I needed this bag.  It went from not being on my radar to being number one on my wish list.

I waited until launch day and literally refreshed the LV website until it popped up.  I purchased it right away and am so glad that I did.  It is my most useful and practical bag.  I have used it almost non-stop since I received it.










Interior Flap

Main Compartments

Flap Pocket

Back Zippered Pocket

The Pochette Metis can be used as a cross body, shoulder bag or top handle bag.  In my opinion, it looks the best as a cross body bag.  It hits perfectly on the hip and looks so chic.  This bag can hold everything you need and more, as we will see a little later.

This is considered a small bag, but it is anything but compact.

The PM comes with an adjustable strap.  I love when the bags have adjustable straps.  It makes them even more versatile.  I have a 16mm monogram strap that I purchased separately that looks great on this bag as well.

The PM is the absolute perfect everyday bag.  It looks great with pants, shorts, dresses, winter jackets, any outfit really! 

I can fit everything I need for the day in this bag as well as my son's essentials.  I really want to get the Toiletry 19 to use as his diaper and wipe holder.  Then I can skip the diaper bag on quick trips out.

The very best thing about this bag is that it is hands free but still spacious.  I can go on and on about this bag.  I just love it.

I want to touch on some cons quickly.  This bag is known to have glazing issues.  They are said to be resolved with the newer bags, but it is something to be aware of.  LV will generally fix the issue for you, but it can be a pain.  I have not had any issues with mine.  It is such a great bag that I think it is worth the glazing issue risks!

As you can guess, I very much recommend this bag.  Whichever print or material you prefer, you cannot go wrong.  I love this bag.  I love it!

Options From the LV Website

Specs From the LV Website

25.0 x 19.0 x 8.0 cm
(Length x height  x width )
- Monogram Reverse coated canvas
- Adjustable and removable cross-body strap
- 1 exterior zipped pocket
- Elegant handle
- Natural cowhide leather trimmings
- Golden colour metallic pieces
- 3 interior compartments
- Microfiber lining

WIMB Options

You are going to be very surprised by how much this bag can fit!  I know that I was.  It still surprises me when I pack it full and the clasp still closes!

What I Generally Carry

6 Key Holder/Coin Purse/Sunglass Case/Mini Pochette/Victorine Wallet

They all fit nicely with room to spare

Other Options

Mini Pochette/PM Agenda/6 Key Holder
Empriente Cles/Caissa Card Holder/Coin Purse

Still room for other goodies

Zippy Wallet/Sunglass Case/6 Key Holder/Coin Purse

A full sized Zippy Wallet fits inside either interior compartment!

6 Key Holder/Sunglass Case/Coin Purse
Felice Bag

The Felicie fits inside the larger interior compartment!!

6 Key Holder/Sunglass Case/Felicie/Coin Purse
Is your mind blown yet?!  A bag fits comfortably inside the PM!!  The Felicie is a bag that can be worn on it's own or used as a wallet.

Amazing!  The amount this little guy can hold still amazes me.

I love this bag and I can't recommend it enough.  I hope this review helps you out if you are thinking of picking up the Pochette Metis!

Let me know if you get one and how you like it!!  Don't let me fan girl alone, lol!!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

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