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Thursday Is For Luxe - Luxury Items I Have Sold and Why!

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Sorry for being MIA yesterday!  I was sick again.  This flu is not being kind to us, but I think we have finally pushed past it.  Everyone seems healthy today and I hope it lasts!

Today I am going to share with you what Luxury items I have sold and why!  I love these types of videos and blog posts.  I think it is just as valuable to know what didn't work for someone as what did.  Buying these items is a big deal for most of us and it is always good to have as much information as possible.

I am going to divide this into four categories of why these items didn't work out and then give a little explination!

I hope this is helpful if you are looking to purchase any of these items or start a collection!


I went a little crazy with SLG's the last couple years.  I needed to let some of them go as I am really trying to be mindful of duplicates.  I do not need the same item in multiple colours/prints etc.  This is a personal choice and if I had all the money in the world, I would sure as heck have multiples of everything! 

All of the below were items that I sold only because I had duplicates...

LV 6 Key Holder

LV 4 Key Holder

LV Mini Pochette

LV Toiletry 26


These are items that I love, but just did not work out for me purely based on function.  I would get so frustrated with them, that I would never use them.  Most of them were sold pretty quickly after purchased!

Chanel Boy Coin
I hated that I had to fold my bills and they would all pop out when I unzipped the purse to get my cash or cards!

LV Clemence Wallet (Rose Ballerine)
This wallet was just a weird size, not full size, not compact.  It just didn't work out.

Chanel GST
I touched on my GST problems in last weeks post.  It would slip off my shoulder and I just never took to it.  I prefer the Neverfull over this one!

LV Cosmetic Case
These cosmetic cases are really a love it or hate it item.  I found the size awkward and prefer the mini pochette for my bags and toiletry 26 for my vanity.

Alexander Wang Diego
I love this bag.  I love the look, the colour combo and the kick ass vibe it gives.  I hated the interior.  It was so awkward and small, yet bottomless.  The main compartment was a nightmare and the front compartment was useless.  I sold this thinking I would get a Rocco if I want the same vibe with a normal opening!

LV Emilie Wallet (Rose Ballerine)

This was an impulse buy for the RB interior.  There is not enough interior space, but it takes up the space of a full sized wallet. 

LV Twice
The Twice is so pretty.  It looks amazing cross body and is a real eye catcher.  The saddle pocket design leaves little room for items.  You need to go super compact, it was too compact for me.

Never Used

These are items that I literally never used, or used a handful of times!

LV MM Agenda
I bought this with the intention of using it as a financial planner, but never used it. 

LV Logomania Scarf
The first time I wore this it snagged.  I never wore it again.

YSL Muse
I love this bag.  It was my goal bag for the longest time.  Once I had it, I never used it.  Maybe three times in two years.

Large Lady Dior Patent
I got this in for consignment and decided to keep it.  It is so gorgeous.  I never used it.  The large size is awkward and the opening is impossible.

Other Issue

The following items fell prey to my sensitive nature, lol.  They were all pre-loved and came with an issue that I just couldn't get over.

LV Zippy
This Zippy is so fun and just my style, but it had the worst musty odour that I could never get out.  The odour was undisclosed when I purchased it.

LV Desk Agenda
The Desk Agenda had a weird slash on the back.  I as worried about eventual peeling, so I sold it.

LV Eva
I totally fell for this Eva, but there were a few unknown stains on the cloth interior and I could never get over it.  I re-purchased this bag new in the Damier Azur print :)

LV Victorine (Rose Ballerine)
This wallet was in perfect condition except for the button.  It didn't really bother me, but when the World tour Victorine was released, I fell in love and the flaw in this one made selling it an easy choice.

LV GM Agenda
This agenda was a deal, but it was also pretty beat up.  I cleaned and repaired what I could, but decided I could always get one in the future.

Those are the luxury items and I have sold and why. 

I have really learned to be more mindful with my purchases, to avoid buying Limited Edition items just because and to research, research, research before I make a big purchase.

I also recommend going with the pre-loved market to try out something you are not 100% sure about.  This way you are not going to lose too much, if any money.

I was lucky to not lose too much money on these items, but it would have been better to have just not purchased them and lose no money!

Thank goodness for the pre-loved market!!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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