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Thursday Is For Luxe - Contemporary Handbag Collection (Coach, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, Longchamp)

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Today I would like to share with you the rest of my handbag collection.  These items are not considered "luxury: handbags, but I believe are referred to as Contemporary.

Now don't get me wrong, I believe that these items are luxury handbags.  They are beautifully made of high quality material, hold up very well and are unnecessarily expensive!

I love each and every one of these bags and I have never had any quality issues with any of these brands.

If you would like to see my collection and hear a little story about each bag, keep on reading...

Contemporary Handbag Collection

Longchamp, Kate Spade Baby Bag
Michael Kors Selma, Coach, Kate Spade Clutch
Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch

Clearly, I like pink bags...


Longchamp 'Medium Le Pliage' in Peony

  • I have the LE Miaou edition.  I have a whole post on this item.  Check it out here.  I bought this to use as a diaper bag in the Fall and Winter.  It has been great so far.  I love that it has a huge interior where I can fit everything I need for my son and then some.  It has held up very well considering all the abuse it goes through.  It is also the perfect size to fit in the stroller basket.

Kate Spade

Harmony Diaper Bag

  •  This was a very generous gift from my best friend!  She got it for me so I could diaper bag in style!  I love this bag.  I also have a whole post on this item here.  It is the size of a LV Neverfull GM.  When I carry this, I don't carry an additional purse.  This fits everything I need for my son, myself, my husband, strangers in the mall.  It is huge!  It is also fully wipe able which is 100% necessary for a diaper bag!

Cork Clutch

  • This little Pink Patent and Cork clutch was the first designer handbag I ever purchased for myself.  I picked it up on my husband and I's first trip to Las Vegas.  We of course hit the outlet and all I wanted was a Kate Spade bag!  I fell in love with this clutch at first sight.  I use it when I want a fun, bright, bold bag for a night out.  I also use my LV Felicie gold chain with this to make it a shoulder/cross body bag.  This bag is near and dear to my heart!  Also, how fun is it!

Coach "Boston Style" Bag

  • My pretty pink Coach bag was also a gift from my best friend.  She is literally the best!  This was my first designer bag and I carried it for years.  It has a lot of wear, but still looks great.  I still use it from time to time.  I have never had more compliments on a bag then when I carry this one.  It got me hooked on designer bags!

Michael Kors Studded Medium Selma in Dune

  • I lusted after this bag for so long.  I missed out on purchasing it when they first released it.  This bag was so popular and the Dune colour was impossible to find.  I was going to settle for the black, but decided against it.  When they re-released it, I was able to pick it up, on sale!  I was so excited to own this bag and love to use it for a little bit of studded edge!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in Latte/Gunmetal

  • This was a total impulse purchase.  This Mini MAC popped up on a popular Canadian consignment site and I bought it with the intention of using it when I took my son to baby gymnastics and the park, where I wanted a bag that was small, compact and wouldn't get in my way when I was playing around with him.  I have been using it for just those scenarios and it works great.  I don't have to leave my purse behind and risk someone taking it. Mini MAC holds my essentials and is so compact that it doesn't get in the way.  It is also so cute!

Tory Burch Marion Slouchy Tote in Black

  • I saved the best for last!  This is my favourite bag.  My husband purchased this for me years ago and I was in love.  I saw this on MakeupbyTiffanyD and could not stop thinking about it.  When he told me that I could have any handbag I wanted for my birthday, I knew exactly what I was going to be asking for!  It is beautiful, spacious and looks so great on.  It is classic and edgy all at the same time.  I wish Tory Burch still made this bag.  I used this bag every day for years and it shows almost no wear.  Just a perfect softening of the leather and the tiniest bit of corner wear.  This is still one of my favourite bags and always will be!


Longchamp Medium Le Pillage - Current Colours*

Kate Spade Diaper Bag - Current Option*

Michael Kors Medium Studded Selma

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC*

Tory Burch Hobo - Current Collections*

There is my little contemporary collection.  I get so much use out of these bags!  I am thinking of adding an Alexander Wang Rocco next.  I can't get it out of my head.

Do you have a AW Rocco?  Do you love it or should I just get a LV Speedy??

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!!

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