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Thursday Is For Luxe - The Best, The Worst and The Most Dramatic Tag by Lydia Elise Millen

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Today we are talking luxury!!  I love tag videos on YouTube and because I don't have a YouTube channel, I enjoy translating the tags into a Blog format.

This is the "The best, the worst and the most dramatic tag" by Lydia Elise Millen.  She is a lovely youtuber and focuses on luxury, fashion and lifestyle.  Check her channel out!

This is a really fun tag that will let me ramble on a bit about things!  Feel free to skim the text and look at the pretty pictures!

The Best, The Worst and The Most Dramatic Tag

1. How many handbags do you own?

I currently own  15 handbags.  7 Louis Vuitton, 2 Kate Spade, 1 MK, 1 Longchamp, 1 Tory Burch, 1 Coach, 1 Lulu Lemon and 1 Zara

2. How do you organise & store your handbags?

I store my handbags very casually.  I have two small shelves in my walk in closet where I display them and store the boxes.  I also have a drawer where I store my smaller bags and SLGs.  I do not store them in the dust bags or boxes.  I like to look at them.  I think of them as functional art pieces and enjoy displaying them.

3. What was your first handbag purchase?

The first luxury handbag that I purchased myself was a YSL Muse with Silver Hardware.  I saw this bag on House Of Cards and could not stop thinking about it!  I saved up for a couple months and bought her in 2015.

I purchased one pre-loved from Fashionphile. 

I did end up selling this bag last year.  I found that I never used it.  It was very heavy and not practical with a toddler.  I do love the silhouette of this bag and would consider repurchasing it in the future, in better condition.

4. What is your newest handbag?

My newest handbag is the Louis Vuitton Eva in Damier Azur.

I purchased this  a couple weeks ago for Valentine's Day.  It was a gift from my Husband.  he let me pick the bag, but he picked the print!  It is so new that I have not worn it yet.  I am so glad I got it when I did as they now seem to be discontinued!

5. What is your most expensive handbag?

My most expensive handbag is the Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM in Infini

This is an all leather LV bag.  I picked this up preloved and paid just below retail.  This is my dream bag and if you are interested in the story behind the purchase you can check out my blog post on my best preloved purchase :)

6. What was your most dramatic handbag buying experience?

Hmm..  my most dramatic purchase was not a handbag, but a LV SLG. 

This is the story of my LV Multicolor Noir Card Case.

Picture credit:  Fashionphile (the exact one I was going to purchase)

This was right after the LV multicolore line was discontinued and everywhere had increased the prices for preloved Multicolore items.  I was desperate to buy this card case and I found it on Fashionphile.  I put it on layaway so that I could think about it for a little while.  At the same time, the Canadian dollar took a dive and with exchange, shipping and duties, this piece was going to cost around $550CAD.  It was not worth it at that point.  The card case was not in great shape and it didn't have the coloured interior.

I decided to let the layaway expire.  I knew I would have to pay the cancellation fee, but the rest of my money would be refunded.  I did not receive any communication from fashionphile after it was cancelled.

A week and a half later, I still had not heard anything or received a refund.  I emailed them and heard nothing.  A few days later, my phone beeped that I had a email.  It was a notice from paypal saying my money had been refunded.  A few minutes later I received an email from Fashionphile saying that the money had been refunded the previous week.  They showed me the refund notice from their system.

I got my refund, but was not impressed that I not only had to ask for it, but that they pretended that the money had been refunded the prior week.

Anyways, I don't do much business with Fashionphile anymore.  There is always some drama when I do.

7. Current favourite handbag store?

Louis Vuitton - obviously!

8. Current favourite handbag?

My current favourite handbag is my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in Reverse Monogram

I can't say enough good things about this bag.  I have been using it almost non-stop since mid December.  It is the perfect, carefree cross body bag.  I love it!

9. Least favourite handbag?

My least favourite handbag is my Chanel GST with SHW

I have sold this bag since I wrote this post.  I thought this would be my holy grail tote, but it just never worked for me.  It sits on the shoulder awkwardly, gets heavy quickly and is just not comfortable on the side.  I would usually use this as a handheld bag and then always felt like it wasn't secure.

I am glad she has gone to someone who will use and love her.

10. Next Handbag purchase?

My next handbag purchase will either be a Speedy 30 Damier Ebene or Delightful MM

Picture credit:  Louis Vuitton
Picture credit:  Louis Vuitton

These are my wish list bags and I am dedicated to sticking to my wish list this year!

11. What is your dream handbag?

My dream handbag is the Lady Dior Medium Cannage in Light Grey either Patent or Leather
Photo Credit:  Fashionphile
I mean, just look at that beauty!

Well there are my answers for The Best, The Worst and The Most Dramatic Tag!  I tag you!!

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