Monday, March 6, 2017

Make Up Monday - Rediscovered Favourites - Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

How was your weekend?  We had another rough one around here.  I got the stomach flu and now my husband has it.  We just can't seem to shake these flus.  We are all starting multivitamins today and hopefully we can shore up our immune systems.

Today I want to share with you a new series I am calling - Rediscovered Favourites - where I am going to re-try some of my old favourites.  These are going to be items that I used to love, but stopped using because I was trying new products or just never repurchased for unknown reasons.

Let's start this series off with one of my most used items ever...

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

This is the best drug store concealer I have ever used.  I heard about it on YouTube back in the day and picked it up.  I never went without a tube in my make up bag.

I think I stopped using this because I convinced myself that a high end concealer would just be better.

To be honest, I have never found a concealer, high or low end, that worked better for me.

I have a lot of lines under my eyes that are perfect for concealer to settle into and make me look much older then I am.  I have always had these lines, even as a teen.  I need a thin, concealer that melts into my under eye like a moisturizer.

I have used heaps of concealers, all good in their own ways, but they all settled right into my under eye lines.

I also have pretty dark under eye circles because I am so pale and have a small child that thinks 3am is a great time to hang out.  If a concealer can't brighten and cover, I have no hope of looking rested and healthy.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles** is the perfect fit for both of my needs. 

As soon as I put it on, I couldn't believe that I ever stopped using it.  It is a very light, watery formula but it melts into the skin.  It looks so natural once applied and blended in.

I have the brightener and the concealer in Fair.  On days that I am not too haggard looking I will just use the brightener and that takes care of the darkness.  On days when I need full coverage, I apply the brightener first and then the concealer.



I love this and don't know why I ever stopped using it.  It conceals, without looking like concealer and makes my under eyes bright. 

It is also moisturizing.  My eyes never feel dry when I am wearing it. 

I am also impressed by how well it layers.  I can use the brightener and concealer together. 
I can add a layer if I feel my concealer has worn off a little without it ever looking cakey. 

I find that my initial application lasts all day and I find myself touching up around 5-6 if I am heading out for the evening.

I just love this stuff and hope I never forget about it again!

What are some products you have rediscovered lately?

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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