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Make Up Monday - Cover Girl So Lashy Mascara - Review

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I hope you had a lovely weekend!  It snowed like crazy here, so we stayed inside and had family time.  When the weather warms up, we are hitting the yard for some snowy fun!  We did a little light entertaining on Saturday night to celebrate the engagement of our good friends!  All in all, a great weekend!

Today I am going to review the new(ish) edition to the Covergirl mascara family - The So Lashy Mascara.  If you have read here before, you know my love for drugstore and especially Covergirl mascara!  I have a deep internal need to try every new Covergirl mascara that hits the shelves.

I have never found one that I like better then the Original Clump Crusher, but that doesn't stop me from testing, testing, testing!!

Cover Girl So Lashy Mascara


I like this mascara.  It lengthens, volumizes and leaves the lashes jet black.  The wand is kitschy, but not annoying.  You can really get to all the lashes with the rounded wand shape and the spiky ball. 

I love the little spiky ball on the end for getting those hard to reach inner corner lashes and really building up the very outer lashes.

This does not give the lashes a natural look, but it doesn't leave them looking like false lashes.  It is an "exaggerated natural" if you will, lol.

This is a definite like, but not an outright love for me.

I imagine this is trying to be a dupe for Benefit's They're Real Mascara.  The only dupe part is the spiky ball on the end.  The formula, look and staying power are all very different then the Benefit Mascara.


  • The spiky ball on the end
  • lengthens
  • volumizes
  • doesn't get cakey/spidery
  • can be built up
  • lashes hold a curl
  • doesn't smudge
  • gives an "exaggerated natural" look to the lashes


  • kitschy brush
  • will clump if the lashes are still wet when the next layer goes on
  • thicker formula
  • hard to work with bottom lashes
  • you have to work it to apply it evenly and clump free - no one swipe application here
  • doesn't leave the lashes looking like falsies (if you like that look.)


I will repurchase this mascara, if for no other reason, because I love the little spiky ball on the end.  I enjoyed using this and then running a layer of Clump Crusher over it to really separate and define.

This was not my most favourite mascara ever, but I did really like it and it gives the lashes just enough without looking fake.

Have you tried So Lashy?  What did you think?

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!!

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