Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Favourites

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Another month in 2017 is gone.  This was a rough one around here.  February was marked with everyone being sick all month and my grandfather having to be hospitalized twice.  In happy times, my sweet son turned 2 years old!!  I hope March brings health and sunny days!


Louis Vuitton Felicie/Chanel Nail Gloss/The Body Shop Nailpolish
Stila In the Know Palette/ Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet
Estee Lauder x VB Eye Shadow

Louis Vuitton Felicie/Chanel Nail Gloss/The Body Shop Nailpolish
Stila In the Know Palette/ Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet
Estee Lauder x VB Eye Shadow
Louis Vuitton Felicie -  When I did leave the house this month, it was usually quick trips for necessities.  I would throw my cards and cash in here and run out the door.  It is the perfect mini sized cross body and looks good with anything.

Chanel Nail Gloss in 530 - This month I only wanted red or nude nails.  This is my choice for a red nail.  It lasts forever and looks so glossy and bright.

The Body Shop Nail Polish in Meet Me At Dusk - This was my choice for a nude nail.  I love how this looks and don't even care that the up keep on it is almost constant.

Stila In The Know Palette - This is the best matte palette of all time.  It is a shame Stila discontinued it.  I do still see it here and there online and need to pick up another one for a back up.

Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet - I have been using a compact wallet for months so it was nice to switch into a full sized wallet.  This one is huge, fits everything including a caseless phone.  I used it as a wallet and small clutch this month.

Estee Lauder x VB Eye Metal in Bitter Clove - This single looks amazing piled on over a matte look.  I use it when I use the above Stila palette and want to amp the look up.


Forensic Files - With 15 seasons on Netflix, this was the perfect thing to have on while sick and lazy on the couch.  You can have it on in the background and get other stuff done.  I love true crime stuff and this is the original.

Lost In Translation **- One of my all time ever favourite movies.  When I was sick, I just wanted familiar and feel good, so this DVD came out and I watched it multiple times.  I love this one!


Little Tikes Cook 'N Store Kitchen Red Playset  **- This was my son's favourite present.  He loves to turn the oven knobs and take the food in and out of the oven and microwave.  My neice, who is almost 3, cooks for us and sets a little table so we can have snacks.  It was money well spent and hopefully last years to come.  I am going to get them a little bbq set for the back deck this summer!


 Godiva Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bars - Do I even need to day anything.  These were delicious and available at the grocery store!  They are on my list for this week too!


The Woman In Cabin 10 **- I read this book in one day.  It isn't as suspenseful as most of the reviews say, but it is a great read.  The book draws on a traditional Agatha Christie style where you don't now if you can trust the narrator and she doesn't know if she can trust herself.

What were you loving this month??

Take care and walk to you tomorrow!!

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