Friday, March 17, 2017

Family Friday - Laundry Room Renovation!

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We bought our first home 1.5 years ago.  A cute little rancher style with 3 bedrooms up and 3 bedrooms and den down.  The house was most renovated when we purchased it.  The upstairs had been updated for the sale and downstairs was almost fully finished.

The only room that was still insulation, concrete and exposed ceiling was the laundry/utilities room.  For some reason, they had finished off the entire house, except for this space.

As soon as we moved in, my father and husband brought the utilities up to code and built a small room around them.  They had previously just been out in the open.  It was very strange.  Then we decided to go ahead and drywall the ceiling and walls.

We added mirrored sliding glass doors to the entrance of the small utilities room.

I wish I had taken pictures from the beginning!

Current State of the Laundry Room

Please excuse the mess.  It has become a dumping ground.  For some reason, the unfinished state makes everyone feel like it is a junk room!

Washer and Dryer with a new shelf

Utility Room with Mirrored Doors
Utility Sink

Concrete floor with a shiny new drain cover

Window Frame Repair

View From the Door

The "Plan"

Now I get to decorate!

This room is going to be hyper feminine!  My husband and I have a deal that we decorate together so that no space is too masculine or too feminine, but the laundry room is all mine!

We have already put the first coat of paint on the walls - a wild pink shade (Ralph Lauren Palm Beach Pink RL4051) and built a counter to fold the clothes on.

The room needs another coat or two of paint to get the colour to come through. 

The idea is for everything else to be a crisp white to balance out the bright walls.

The pink panels on the folding table need to be painted white.  My dad went rogue when he painted that!

I want to hang a faux chandelier to really add some pizzazz. 

We need to replace the utility sink.  We are going to do a built in cabinet around it and a cabinet above it.

Eventually, we are going to put cabinets or selves above the folding table.  The idea is that the laundry room will also be linen storage and cleaning supplies storage.

 I have found some fun wall art ideas to DIY!

We are going to build a half door to keep the kids and the cat out, but the light in the small hallway that leads to my parents suite.

I hope this looks as good as it does in my head!

Inspiration Pictures

Here are some pictures I have been using as inspiration.

You can find the entire board on my Laundry Room Pinterest Board

Wish Me Luck!!

I will update once this project is complete!!

Do you have any renovation projects going on? 

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

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