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Family Friday - Family Skincare (Kiehls and Lush)

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It is Friday everyone!!  I am looking forward to a weekend spent outside, playing with my son and starting to clean up the yard!  The weather is looking good, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Today we are going to talk about family skincare.  I am going to share with you what we use in our household.

Skincare is very personal, this is just what works for us.  It has taken me ages to find the brand/products that work for my skin.  My husband is even more particular and he took forever to settle on a skincare routine.

If you are interested to see what my family uses, keep reading...

Family Skincare

My Skincare

I have dry skin that can be oily, but is mainly dry.  I am not acne prone, but do get the occasional pimple and I have leftover blemishes from my teenage years.  Genetically (lol) I come from a long line of wrinkle free women.  I am serious!  My paternal grandmother is 87 years old and she has no wrinkles.  A few crows feet, some laugh lines and some sag, but not one wrinkle!  The same with my maternal grandmother.  My mother is 57 and doesn't have a single darn wrinkle.  So, anti-aging is not something I worry about.  I focus heavily on moisture.

I use...

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser
  • This cleanser gets off my makeup, cleans my skin and doesn't leave me feeling dry after I use it.  I swear by this cleanser.  I don't need to use anything else with it.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer
  • This moisturizer is the perfect balance for my skin.  It keeps it hydrated, but never feels heavy or sticky.  It has never caused a break out and works so well under makeup.  I use this day and night and have never felt like I need a heavier night cream.
I have not settled on an eye cream, but I think I am going to commit to a full size of Kiehls Creamy Avacado Eye Cream.

My Husband's Skincare

My husband has very sensitive, normal skin.  He isn't dry or oily, but his skin reacts to everything.  He also has no acne or blemishes.  He used to use the Kiehls men's line, but it started to give him a flaky rash. 

He experimented with different products for about a year and settled on...

Lush Herbalism
  • He uses this to cleanse in the shower in the morning and before bed at night.  It is very natural and has cleared up his face rash.  It has exfoliating properties and works great with his thick beard.

Lush Cosmetic Lad
  • He moisturizes once a day, just to keep his skin lightly hydrated.  This product is thick and doesn't feel sticky or have an odour to it.  He swears by it. 

My Son's Bath Products

I won't call this skincare, because my son is two!  But I will share his bath products with you.  I wash his face every morning and before bed, but I just use water.  He doesn't need a bunch of products on his perfect baby skin.

We went through so many brands before we started using the Kiehls Baby Line and I don't know why.  He has sensitive baby skin and he was getting so dry after his baths.  The moisturizer we were using wasn't even helping.  His skin was so red and patchy.  We even tried eczema specific products and nothing worked.

I started to research, I wanted something all natural and gentle.  When I saw that Kiehls had a baby line that was everything free and had no fragrance, I was sold.

These are the items I use for my son...

Kiehls Gentle Hair and Body Wash
  • We use this in his bath and to wash his hair.  It is gentle, tear free and does not dry out his skin.
Kiehls Nurturing Body Cream
  • I love that I can use this on his face and body and that it is scent free.  I moisturize him after a bath and when he needs it, but I try not to do it daily. 
Kiehls Nurturing Oil
  • I use this when he gets extra dry.  His lower back is a problem area.  The diapers bother him and dry out that area.  A dose or two of this oil and he is good to go.  I also use it more in the summer when he is in and out of water all day, the pool, the sprinkler and more frequent baths.

Links to the Products Above:

Jen's Products

Kiehls Ultra Facial CleanserCanada* / International*
Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer: Canada* / International*
Kiehls Creamy Avacado Eye CreamCanada* / International*

Johannes' Products

Lush Herbalism: International
Lush Cosmetic Lad:  International

Ollie's Products

Kiehls Gentle Hair and Body WashCanada* / International*
Kiehls Nurturing Body CreamCanada* / International
Kiehls Nurturing OilCanada* / International

That is what we use around here for skincare and bath time!

What products do you recommend?  Do you have any eye cream suggestions for me?

Take care and I will talk to you on Monday!

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