Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wardrobe Wednesday - Lounge Clothes for Sick Days

Hello, hello!!

Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

My entire household was sick last week and we are still under the weather.  Even the cat got sick.  The Cat!!

My outfit choices were not inspired or unique, they were comfortable and functional.  I wore my most comfy lounge clothes.

This post is about real life and reflects what was going on in my life this week.  I could have put together a nice outfit, but I want to be authentic in these blog posts and have them be an extension of what is going on around here.

If you want to see what my favourite lounge clothes are stick around.

Sick Day Attire

Similar: Fair Isle Cardigan/Tank Top/Yoga Pants/

When I am sick, a tank top, old comfy sweater and my old yoga pants are my clothes of choice.  You can tell how sick I am by my pant choice.  When I cross over into my husband's jogging pants, I am next level, on my a** sick.

I am not one to hang out in my pyjamas.  I like to wear night gowns and sleep shirts to bed, so I tend to change into lounge clothes after my morning shower.

I also require a bra, at all times when awake.

Even when I am sick, I change when I get up.

Specific Details

Tank Top:  I prefer Old Navy Tanks Tops.  They are cheap and come in a huge variety.

Cardigan:  Pictured is the Sears Fair Isle Sweater.  I also love my  Barefoot Dreams Cardigan.

Pants:  Any comfy Yoga Pants or jogging pants.  My Yoga Pants are Lulu Lemon and my husbands jogging pants are all Old Navy.

What do you wear when you lounge around on sick days?

Take care all, and  I will talk to you tomorrow!!

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