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Thursday Is For Luxe - Louis Vuitton Victorine Review and What It Holds

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Today we are going to be looking at one of my new favourite wallets - the Louis Vuitton Victorine.  I have owned 2 of these.  I purchased it in the monogram with the Rose Ballerine interior at first because the World Tour version was sold out everywhere.  When it came back into stock, I purchased the WT version and sold the RB version.

I decided that I needed a compact wallet when I started using my small bags more and more.  I generally hate "going compact."  I don't like have multiple cles and small fiddly things for all my items.  I also hate having to fold my bills.  I was using the Chanel Boy Coin as a downsize wallet and hated it.  It was too small and my bills would all explode out of it every time I took one out.

The last straw was when I was at Booster Juice with my 1.5 year old.  I opened my Chanel boy coin to pay, grabbed a bill and all the other ones popped out all over the counter.  I was trying to pay, hold onto my son and clean up all these bills.  I sold it the next day and started researching.  I came across the Victorine and knew it would be perfect, and it is!


Front View

Back View

One piece of canvas

Zipper Pull

Interior Zipper Pocket

Full Interior View

Interior Slip Pocket 1 of 2

Interior Slip Pocket 2 of 2

Full length slip pocket for Cash

Specs from the LV Website


12 x 9 x 2 cm
(Length x height  x width )
- 4.7 x 3.7 x 1 inches
- 6 credit cards slots
- 1 zipped coin pocket
- 1 bill pocket
- 2 flat pockets
- Press-stud closing
- Coated canvas outside
- Cowhide leather lining
- Shiny golden colour metallic pieces

Current Models Available on the Canada Website


I love this wallet.  It holds everything that I need, my cards are all easily accessible and I do not have to fold my cash.  It is compact enough for even my smallest bags, but because it holds everything, I can also toss it in my bigger bags.  If you are looking for only one wallet, I can't recommend this one enough.  It holds the amount of a full sized wallet in a compact frame.


  • holds the amount of a full sized wallet in cards and cash
  • beautiful design
  • don't have to fold bills
  • fits in small bags and works in large bags
  • don't have to switch out wallets
  • can access cards without having to open wallet


  • coin section is too small too hold many coins
  • card slots are very tight until they have been in use for awhile

What Fits Inside

I can fit everything from my full sized Zippy wallet into my compact Victorine wallet!

In total I have 17 cards, cash and 1 gift card in my Victorine

Huge size difference, but they hold the same amount

Not bulky at all and the cards are accessible through the opening

6 card slots

5 cards in the coin purse

3 cards in 1 slip pocket

3 cards in the other slip pocket

Cash, cheque and gift card

Size comparison between the Zippy, Sarah and Victorine

In conclusion, the Victorine wallet is the best compact wallet I have ever encountered.  It makes it so easy to downsize because you don't actually have to downsize anything!

Have you tried the LV Victorine?  What do you think of it?

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