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Thursday Is For Luxe - Louis Vuitton Eva Review and WIMB

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Today we are going to be reviewing and seeing what fits inside the Louis Vuitton Eva bag.  I wanted to do this review today because there is a strong rumor that the Eva has been discontinued and once it is sold out, there are no more coming it.  This is just a rumor right now, but some of the prints have gone to Call for Availability on the LV website, which is something I have never seen before on the Eva Bag.

To me, this bag is a classic LV staple, but I guess they have decided to update and replace it with the Pallas Clutch.

Louis Vuitton Eva

I have owned two Eva Bags.  First I purchased the Damier Ebene version.  I picked it up pre-loved and it had some stains inside.  I am too much of clean freak to deal with the stains and it really stopped me from using the bag.  I loved the bag but ultimately decided to sell it with the intention of buying a new one some time in the future.

I was debating on getting the Damier Ebene or the Damier Azur and just couldn't decide.  When I heard it was discontinuing, I knew it was now or never.  My husband picked it up for me as a Valentines/Anniversary gift.  He let me pick the bag, but he wanted to pick the print!  He chose the DA and I couldn't be happier!!

Eva in Damier Azur





Side with LV tag


Cross body strap


Top Zippered Opening

Small Zipper

Added security

The Eva can be used as a cross body bag, a small shoulder/hand bag or a clutch/wristlet.  It is extremely versatile and holds all of your essentials.

It is a great small bag without being too mini. 

The cross body strap on this bag is very long and works for all heights and body shapes.  It is the longest cross body strap of all my bags.  I like to use the strap with my Alma BB to make that into a perfect cross body length.

The Eva has the ability to be a casual cross body day bag or a classy clutch bag for nights out.

I love this for outings like concerts, the movies, baby gymnastics, quick trips to the park and for travel.  It is so compact it doesn't get in the way when running errands or playing with the kids.

For travel, it can be clipped inside the Neverfull while travelling and then used as your bag on the go when you get to your destination.

It has great security.  It sits close to the body, has a zipper and for added security you can attach the chain clasp through the zipper and side ring (see the last photo).

I absolute recommend this bag as a cross body and clutch.  It is beautiful in every print and is a staple piece for any handbag collection.  Get one while you can!

Canvas Options from the LV Website

I have to stop myself from getting this in the Damier Ebene as well!

Specs from the LV Website

25 x 13 x 4 cm
(Length x height  x width )

- Leather strap
- Zip for secure closing
- Textile lining
- Leather trimmings
- Golden color metallic pieces
- Golden color Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate

WIMB Options

The Eva doesn't fit a ton of stuff, but it will fit everything you need for the day.  It really requires you to pair down to your essentials and lighten your hand bag load!

Felicie Inserts, Mini Pochette
Victorine, EVA, Key Pouch
6 Key Holder, Round Coin Purse, Caissa Card Holder

Felicie Inserts, Coin Purse, 6 Key Holder

Empreinte Key Pouch, Coin Purse, 6 Key Holder

Mini Pochette, 6 Key Holder, Caissa Card Holder

Mini Pochette (as an organizer), 6 Key Holder, Caissa Card Holder, Coin Purse

Victorine Wallet, 6 Key Holder, Coin Purse

As you can see, the combinations are endless.  All of the above options still leave room for your phone.  When closed, the zipper is not stressed or wonky looking.

It is surprising how much you can fit inside!

I really do love this bag and am still hoping the rumors are not true.  It has one of the best price points of all the LV bags and it really is an all in one kind of bag. 

Do you have the Eva?  Do you love it?  Are you thinking of picking one up?  Let me know!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

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