Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday Is For Luxe - Best Preowned Luxury Purchase Tag (Eva In The City)

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Today I am going to participate in Eva In The City's newest tag - Best Preowned Luxury Purchase.  This tag was created by Eva in response to Jerusha Couture's video about people looking down on preowned luxury purchases.

Buying preowned is a great way to
  1. Afford luxury items that you otherwise might not be able to
  2. Pick up items that are now discountined
  3. Save heaps of money on items
I have purchased preowned luxury items for myself, I have sold many items to other.  There is nothing wrong with this and it can be a very smart way to maximize your purchasing power.

I belong to 3 Facebook groups where people can buy and sell items.  It is a great, safe forum to buy preloved.  I have also purchased on Ebay, but you have to be much more cautious on Ebay and sometimes I think it is not worth the hassel.  I rarely sell on Ebay anymore.

There are countless consignment and resale boutiques and websites where you can get your designer pieces at huge savings. 

Outside of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes most luxury handbags do not hold their value very well so it just makes sense to purchase them preowned.

I think it is clear that I am all for preowned luxury items.  Wear them proudly luxury lovers!!

My Best Preowned Purchase

Lumineuse PM in Infini

The first time I saw this bag I knew that I had to have it.  Tiffany from Makeup by TiffanyD had this bag and would do OOTD posts with it.  She then did a review video and a WIMB and I was obsessed.  By then, the Infini colour had been discontinued and was impossible to find.  Shortly after, they discontinued the bag and I was SOL.

I began searching the Preloved market for it.  I was being pretty particular about wanting this colour and in Like New condition.  It seemed like an impossible task.

2.5 years later....

I thought it was hopeless and I would never find it, then I read about a new Consignment shop in Vancouver - Modaselle - who also had an online shop.  I clicked on the site and there she was.

My Lumineuse PM in Infini in PERFECT condition.  And I mean perfect condition.  There was no wear on this baby.  None.  Not even any scratches on the hardware.  And it came with the dust bag, tags and receipt!

It was also over $1000 off retail.

I couldn't add this bag to my cart fast enough.

She showed up at my door two days later and it was LVOE!!

Never overlook preowned items.  They can be a handbag dream come true!

She is just so beautiful.  I could stare at this bag all day!

Other items I picked up Preowned

Multicolore Noir Card Holder with Grenade Interior

I picked this up for a total steal after it had been discontinued.  I have the Blanc and wanted this one to match.  Love this piece!

Multicolore Noir Sara Wallet with Grenade Interior

I purchased my Sarah wallet from a Facebook group.  It was also a total steal and my absolute dream wallet.  I love using this one.  It makes me happy every time I pull it out of my bag!

Preloved items are great and no one should be swayed by other peoples comments about it.

So much eye candy today!!

What is your best preowned luxury purchase??

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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