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Make Up Monday - YouTube Made Me Do It - (Kat Von D, Bite Beauty, Buxom, Too Faced Sweet Peach)

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How was your weekend?  We were all super sick.  This cold it kicking our butts.  Everyone from my son to my sister in law came down with this flu.  We are at the tail end now and almost back into routines.

Today we are going to start a monthly series called YouTube Made Me Do It - Make Up Edition.  This is where I am going to take products recommended in some of my most watched YouTuber Monthly Favourites, buy them and try them out for myself and tell you how I liked them.

I love blog and youtube recommendations and have found some great stuff in the past. 

Here we go...

Kat Von D/Bite/Buxom/Too Faced


Minnie, from Minks4All is a great luxury and beauty youtuber.  Check out her channel HERE.  She mostly sticks to handbags, but in her monthly favs she will throw in her makeup picks.  In January she recommended the Buxom Full On Lip Polish. 

Buxom Full On Lip Polish in White Russian

Buxom White Russian

Pale Peachy Pink with high shine

I purchased Buxom in White Russian.  It is a beautiful high shine lip gloss.  It looks great on its own or over a lipstick.

  • sweet scent and a minty taste
  • gives that tingly/cooling lip feeling when you first apply it
  • average staying power
  • high glossy shine
  • not sticky or goopy
I haven't worn this a ton, as I have been sick, but I have really liked it when I do wear it.  The White Russian colour is a peachy pink nude and would be perfect to have in your purse for carefree touch-ups.


Shea from Shea.Whitney is a lifestyle youtuber who covers everything from luxury to beauty to fashion.  She is lovely and has great taste!  You can check out her channel HERE.

Kat Von D in Bow N Arrow and Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb

Shea was looking for the perfect brown based nude lip colour and this was the combination she recommended in her January Favourites.

I picked up both and she was right!

Bow N Arrow and Honeycomb

Bow N Arrow and Honeycomb

Layered, these create a beautiful, rich brown based nude.  They aren't too pink or too peach or too yellow or too purple.  Just a perfect 90's brown with an updated feel.

Kat Von D

Bow N Arrow is a dark nude brown colour.  The formula is a liquid matte.

  • no smell or taste
  • dries to a matte within moments
  • super long lasting staying power which makes it a great base colour
  • easy to apply - goes on even and opaque
  • does not feel drying
  • enhances my lip lines

I really did like the formula on this lip colour.  It was smooth and looked great on my lips.  My lip lines were enhanced, but this could have been avoided with proper exfoliation and hydration (much like the kylie lip kits).  I want to try these out in other colours.

They would be perfect in a work environment or if you are out all day as they are so long lasting.

Bite Beauty

Honeycomb in a nude beige with a neutral undertone.  It is a normal cream lipstick

  • has a fresh soapy smell and no taste
  • has a cream finish
  • average lasting power for a cream lipstick
  • goes on smooth and opaque
  • does not feel drying
  • is not sticky and did not settle into lip lines
The Bite Lipsticks are beautiful and the formula is always great.  I would recommend trying them out in which ever colour you choose. 

The Two Together

I personally would not wear these two together.  They are too dark for my pale self to rock.  That said, they look great together and if you aren't a super pale lady such as myself, you should try this combo if you are looking for a true rich nude brown.

I will wear these separately.  I will pair Bow N Arrow with a pink lipstick to cut the deepness of the brown and I will wear Honeycomb on its own.  It is a great neutral.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss

This was not a recommendation by anyone in specific, but every Beauty YouTuber on the planet is recommending the Sweet Peach line.  I got this free with purchase and thought I would review it for you all.

Sweet Peach

Peach Oil Lip Gloss

Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Pure Peach looks like a hot coral, but goes on the lips as a sheer peach.

  • has an amazing candy peach scent
  • has a sheer gloss finish
  • average lasting power for a gloss, no stain
  • goes on sheer and silky
  • very hydrating
  • not sticky or goopy
This lip oil, lip gloss is beautiful.  It leaves a light wash of colour and then performs like a hydrating lip oil.  It gives off an amazing smell and can be re applied as needed. 

I loved this and would purchase a full sized. 

There we have it, my run down on some of the beauty recommendations I followed this month.  I hope to do this every month.  Let me know if you tried out any youtuber recommends and if they worked for you!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow with a delicious recipe!!

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