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Make Up Monday - Urban Decay 1993 Vice VS Old Formula

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Another Monday is here!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend?  I hung out with my still sick kiddo and had a fun girls night with one of my good girlfriends.  She recently got engaged so we talked wedding stuff for hours, lol.

Today we are going to be looking at formulas - specifically Urban Decay and their new Vice Formula versus the original formula from a year ago ( I want to say it was called the Revolution line).

Vice VS Revolution

Cosmetic companies are doing this more and more - they remake/rename their formula ever few years and you are expected to replace your old formula with the new.  The new formula makes all sorts of claims and sounds better then ever.

Urban Decay rebranded their lipstick and lipgloss as the VICE line.  The colours are the same, but the formula is more pigmented, longer lasting etc etc.

I have the VICE lipstick and the old Revolution formula in the colour shade 1993.

1993 is a matte nude brown - reminiscent of the lipstick we were rocking in the 90's.  I love this colour. 

VICE vs Original

VICE (comfort matte) / Original (matte)


Original Formula / New Formula

Packaging - They have updated the packaging to look like a bullet.  The lipstick is a more traditional shape in the tube.

Colour - The Original formula swatches darker then the VICE, but they look the same on the lip.  I wore them both at the same time and they were identical on.

Formula - I wore these together and separately.  They are exactly the same.  They look the same, they feel the same, they are equally opaque, they are a one swipe application, they wear the same. 

Conclusion - They are the exactly the same. I was surprised at the complete lack of difference.  I was expecting something huge to stand out.  The comfort level, the wear time, anything, something - but nothing!  I would not waste my money updating your collection with the new formula.  Wait until you run out.

Hope this helps in case you were thinking of this. I know that I am a bit gullible for packaging and updates, but with this - no go dude!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

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