Friday, February 17, 2017

Family Friday - When Mom is Sick (Mom Guilt)

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It has been a long couple of weeks in this house.  We were all hit with the flu.  I don't know what it is we have, but it seems never ending!

My son still has a runny nose and it is almost 2 weeks since he got his first symptoms.

Today's blog is about what happens when Mom gets sick.

Being sick, when you have a little one, is so hard.  You feel terrible, have no energy and just need to sleep.  Your little one still wants to be fed, changed and play.

What in the heck are we Moms supposed to do?

Here are my tips (take them as you will) for when I am sick;

1.)  TV is your friend.  Put on the TV, get some rest.  The kids love it, you can rest and you can go back to your normal screen time policy when you are better!
He loves it, I can relax!
2.)  Forget everything except for basic maintenance.  No house cleaning, no fancy play time.  Wash the dishes when you have a bit of energy and that is it.

3.)  Create a safe space for your child and fall asleep.  When my son was a baby, this was the play pen.  I would pop on his show, put him in the playpen and fall asleep on the couch.  Now that he is bigger and mobile, his room is our 100% safe space.  I go in the room with him, close the door and fall asleep on either the floor or a small air mattress.  He can play, watch the tablet and I can sleep.  I am still accessible and he lets me know if he needs a diaper change or something to eat.

4.)  Meals become very basic.  Cut up some chicken, cheese and cucumber and done.  If you need to, order in take out.

This is how we survived the last week.  I had 2 days where I needed to sleep and relax and then we started to get back to normal routines.

Selfie I took to show my husband the state I was in, lol!

Mom guilt is real and it is the worst.  As soon as I am sick it sets in.  Is he watching too much tv? should he be eating fruit loops out of the box?  Am I a bad mom?

No, we are not bad moms.  We are sick and need to take care of ourselves.  For the 1-2 days that we can't do it, our children are not going to be any worse for wear.

Hope that helps you out in some small way.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!

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