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Family Friday - What Diaper Bag Do I Use?

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I had a question on Instagram about which diaper bag I use and how I organize it!  I thought I would just do a little blog post on it here!  Thanks so much for the question!!  I love getting questions!!

I have two diaper bags.  I use one in the fall/winter and one in the spring/summer.

Kate Spade Harmony Baby Bag/Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Medium Handbag


In the fall and winter, I use the Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Medium for my diaper bag.  It is a nice compact size, fits everything I need and has a zipper to protect my items from the rain and snow.

I love this as a baby bag because it has a nylon exterior and a wipeable interior.  No matter what spills in it or on it, I can just wipe it up and it is good as new.

This bag also fits in my stroller basket with lots of room to spare.

To organize the interior, I use a collection of pouches.  I have a cheap toiletry bag (it came with a Dove soap set I purchased once) for the diapers, wipes and bags.  I put all of his snacks into a cute lunch bag from Skip Hop**  There is lots of room for extra clothes, a change pad and anything else I want to toss in.

I love all the Longchamp Bags for diaper bags.


In the spring and summer, I use the Kate Spade Harmony Baby Bag .  This was a gift from my best friend and I love it.  It is a giant tote bag and is so cute to wear.  It doesn't look like a baby bag at all, which I love!  I generally hate baby bags, but this one is so gorgeous!

It has a canvas exterior and wipe able nylon interior with a few organizational pockets.  It has all the attributes of the Longchamp, with the addition of it wearing easily on the shoulder.

It is very comfortable to wear and so far has been indestructible!  I think this is ther perfect alternative to using the Louis Vuitton Neverfull as a diaper bag.

I organize the interior the same way as the Longchamp.  When I take the Longchamp, I will usually wear a separate cross body bag for myself, but with the Kate Spade, I toss my stuff into the interior pockets instead.

Those are my choices for Baby bags and I highly recommend either, or both.

For the record, I do not use my luxury bags for baby stuff - ever.  There is no way I am putting sippy cups of poopy diapers in a $2000 handbag.  That is not happening!!  I have my bags and my son has his!!

He also loves these bags.  He knows they are his and feels comfortable going in them to get his items or playing with them.  I don't store my items in them, so they end up being baby safe and he is allowed to use them as he likes!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Take care and have a great weekend!!

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