Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Table Talk Tuesday - Rice Krispie and Funfetti Birthday Cake (From How To Cake It)

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My son turned 2 last week and I made him a four layer funfetti and rice krispie birthday cake.  It looked impressive and tasted delicious.  I already have requests to make it again!

I got the cake recipe from the YouTube channel How To Cake It. 

I followed the instructions and everything turned out perfectly, although a bit unexpectedly.  My cake did not look like Yolanda's but that is okay.  I thought it was great and when my son saw it he said "Woooow!"  That made it all worth it.


Wilton Jumbo Sprinkles**
  • 2 cups Unsalted Butter
  • 4 cups Sugar
  • 2 tsp Vanilla
  • 8 Eggs
  • 2 cups Whole Milk
  • 5 cups Flour
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tbsp. plus 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 cup Jumbo Sprinkles - I used Wilton Brand **

Baking Instructions

It took me an entire day to make this and put it together.  You might want to bake the cake and make the Rice Krispies the day before and then set it up the next day!

Preheat oven to 350F.

Add the flour, salt and baking powder into a small bowl and mix together.

Cream the room temperature butter, sugar and vanilla until it is pale and smooth.

Add eggs to the butter/sugar mixture and mix until blended.

Add the dry ingredients and milk to the butter/sugar/egg mixture.  Alternate between the two starting and ending with dry.

Mix each round until just blended and scrape down the bowl.  The mixture is going to be very, very thick, more like icing then cake.

I used a 8" spring form cake pan.  I lined the bottom with parchment and the cakes came out very easily.

Divide the batter in half and pour into the pans.  Add 1/4 cup of sprinkles to each pan and gently fold it in, so the sprinkles don't dissolve.

Bake for 1 hour or until the middle is set and a toothpick comes out clean.  The exterior of the cake got pretty dark, but the interior remained moist.  This cake is dense and I think it is specifically formulated for doing these mega stacking cakes.  If you are looking for a fluffy cake recipe, this is not it!

While it is baking...

Prepare one recipe of Rice Krispie squares.  Recipe here.

Divide the amount between two 8" cake pans.  Line the bottom of the pan with jumbo sprinkles and then add more jumbo sprinkles to the top and press down into the rice krispie mixture.

Let harden.

Assembly Instructions

For assembly, please refer to the experts at How To Cake It!  I tried to explain it out here and it didn't make any sense.

The assembly was easy, but I found that I wasn't type A enough to make it look super perfect.  I went with a more rustic, impressionist style (lol)

I think it turned out pretty cool!!  It was so good.  I ate most of the leftovers myself!

Kids parties are so fun!  You get to make these really fun, not serious cakes for a change.

I am already thinking about what to make for his 3rd birthday!  I have a strong feeling it might be this cake again!!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow. 

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Make Up Monday - Urban Decay 1993 Vice VS Old Formula

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Another Monday is here!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend?  I hung out with my still sick kiddo and had a fun girls night with one of my good girlfriends.  She recently got engaged so we talked wedding stuff for hours, lol.

Today we are going to be looking at formulas - specifically Urban Decay and their new Vice Formula versus the original formula from a year ago ( I want to say it was called the Revolution line).

Vice VS Revolution

Cosmetic companies are doing this more and more - they remake/rename their formula ever few years and you are expected to replace your old formula with the new.  The new formula makes all sorts of claims and sounds better then ever.

Urban Decay rebranded their lipstick and lipgloss as the VICE line.  The colours are the same, but the formula is more pigmented, longer lasting etc etc.

I have the VICE lipstick and the old Revolution formula in the colour shade 1993.

1993 is a matte nude brown - reminiscent of the lipstick we were rocking in the 90's.  I love this colour. 

VICE vs Original

VICE (comfort matte) / Original (matte)


Original Formula / New Formula

Packaging - They have updated the packaging to look like a bullet.  The lipstick is a more traditional shape in the tube.

Colour - The Original formula swatches darker then the VICE, but they look the same on the lip.  I wore them both at the same time and they were identical on.

Formula - I wore these together and separately.  They are exactly the same.  They look the same, they feel the same, they are equally opaque, they are a one swipe application, they wear the same. 

Conclusion - They are the exactly the same. I was surprised at the complete lack of difference.  I was expecting something huge to stand out.  The comfort level, the wear time, anything, something - but nothing!  I would not waste my money updating your collection with the new formula.  Wait until you run out.

Hope this helps in case you were thinking of this. I know that I am a bit gullible for packaging and updates, but with this - no go dude!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Family Friday - What Diaper Bag Do I Use?

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I had a question on Instagram about which diaper bag I use and how I organize it!  I thought I would just do a little blog post on it here!  Thanks so much for the question!!  I love getting questions!!

I have two diaper bags.  I use one in the fall/winter and one in the spring/summer.

Kate Spade Harmony Baby Bag/Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Medium Handbag


In the fall and winter, I use the Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Medium for my diaper bag.  It is a nice compact size, fits everything I need and has a zipper to protect my items from the rain and snow.

I love this as a baby bag because it has a nylon exterior and a wipeable interior.  No matter what spills in it or on it, I can just wipe it up and it is good as new.

This bag also fits in my stroller basket with lots of room to spare.

To organize the interior, I use a collection of pouches.  I have a cheap toiletry bag (it came with a Dove soap set I purchased once) for the diapers, wipes and bags.  I put all of his snacks into a cute lunch bag from Skip Hop**  There is lots of room for extra clothes, a change pad and anything else I want to toss in.

I love all the Longchamp Bags for diaper bags.


In the spring and summer, I use the Kate Spade Harmony Baby Bag .  This was a gift from my best friend and I love it.  It is a giant tote bag and is so cute to wear.  It doesn't look like a baby bag at all, which I love!  I generally hate baby bags, but this one is so gorgeous!

It has a canvas exterior and wipe able nylon interior with a few organizational pockets.  It has all the attributes of the Longchamp, with the addition of it wearing easily on the shoulder.

It is very comfortable to wear and so far has been indestructible!  I think this is ther perfect alternative to using the Louis Vuitton Neverfull as a diaper bag.

I organize the interior the same way as the Longchamp.  When I take the Longchamp, I will usually wear a separate cross body bag for myself, but with the Kate Spade, I toss my stuff into the interior pockets instead.

Those are my choices for Baby bags and I highly recommend either, or both.

For the record, I do not use my luxury bags for baby stuff - ever.  There is no way I am putting sippy cups of poopy diapers in a $2000 handbag.  That is not happening!!  I have my bags and my son has his!!

He also loves these bags.  He knows they are his and feels comfortable going in them to get his items or playing with them.  I don't store my items in them, so they end up being baby safe and he is allowed to use them as he likes!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Take care and have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Is For Luxe - Louis Vuitton Eva Review and WIMB

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Today we are going to be reviewing and seeing what fits inside the Louis Vuitton Eva bag.  I wanted to do this review today because there is a strong rumor that the Eva has been discontinued and once it is sold out, there are no more coming it.  This is just a rumor right now, but some of the prints have gone to Call for Availability on the LV website, which is something I have never seen before on the Eva Bag.

To me, this bag is a classic LV staple, but I guess they have decided to update and replace it with the Pallas Clutch.

Louis Vuitton Eva

I have owned two Eva Bags.  First I purchased the Damier Ebene version.  I picked it up pre-loved and it had some stains inside.  I am too much of clean freak to deal with the stains and it really stopped me from using the bag.  I loved the bag but ultimately decided to sell it with the intention of buying a new one some time in the future.

I was debating on getting the Damier Ebene or the Damier Azur and just couldn't decide.  When I heard it was discontinuing, I knew it was now or never.  My husband picked it up for me as a Valentines/Anniversary gift.  He let me pick the bag, but he wanted to pick the print!  He chose the DA and I couldn't be happier!!

Eva in Damier Azur





Side with LV tag


Cross body strap


Top Zippered Opening

Small Zipper

Added security

The Eva can be used as a cross body bag, a small shoulder/hand bag or a clutch/wristlet.  It is extremely versatile and holds all of your essentials.

It is a great small bag without being too mini. 

The cross body strap on this bag is very long and works for all heights and body shapes.  It is the longest cross body strap of all my bags.  I like to use the strap with my Alma BB to make that into a perfect cross body length.

The Eva has the ability to be a casual cross body day bag or a classy clutch bag for nights out.

I love this for outings like concerts, the movies, baby gymnastics, quick trips to the park and for travel.  It is so compact it doesn't get in the way when running errands or playing with the kids.

For travel, it can be clipped inside the Neverfull while travelling and then used as your bag on the go when you get to your destination.

It has great security.  It sits close to the body, has a zipper and for added security you can attach the chain clasp through the zipper and side ring (see the last photo).

I absolute recommend this bag as a cross body and clutch.  It is beautiful in every print and is a staple piece for any handbag collection.  Get one while you can!

Canvas Options from the LV Website

I have to stop myself from getting this in the Damier Ebene as well!

Specs from the LV Website

25 x 13 x 4 cm
(Length x height  x width )

- Leather strap
- Zip for secure closing
- Textile lining
- Leather trimmings
- Golden color metallic pieces
- Golden color Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate

WIMB Options

The Eva doesn't fit a ton of stuff, but it will fit everything you need for the day.  It really requires you to pair down to your essentials and lighten your hand bag load!

Felicie Inserts, Mini Pochette
Victorine, EVA, Key Pouch
6 Key Holder, Round Coin Purse, Caissa Card Holder

Felicie Inserts, Coin Purse, 6 Key Holder

Empreinte Key Pouch, Coin Purse, 6 Key Holder

Mini Pochette, 6 Key Holder, Caissa Card Holder

Mini Pochette (as an organizer), 6 Key Holder, Caissa Card Holder, Coin Purse

Victorine Wallet, 6 Key Holder, Coin Purse

As you can see, the combinations are endless.  All of the above options still leave room for your phone.  When closed, the zipper is not stressed or wonky looking.

It is surprising how much you can fit inside!

I really do love this bag and am still hoping the rumors are not true.  It has one of the best price points of all the LV bags and it really is an all in one kind of bag. 

Do you have the Eva?  Do you love it?  Are you thinking of picking one up?  Let me know!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wardrobe Wednesday

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After this awful flu and spending all my time in lounge clothes, it was good to put on an actual outfit and head to the grocery store.

Outfit Details

I like to keep my outfits simple and classic.  I don't fuss too much with "fashion."  I live in a small town, am a busy mom and need function over style most days.

On this day, I went with my favourite look:  A black tank top, red cardigan, Girlfriend jeans, a fun scarf and a compact cross body purse.

I like to keep my staples basic and use my accessories to add pattern and fun to my outfit.

A cross body bag is also a must for the grocery store.  It will change your life.

Red Cardigan:  Old Navy

Girlfriend Jeans:  Gap

Black Tank Top:  Old Navy

Grey Leopard Scarf:  Banana Republic ( no longer available)  Similar styles at Nordstrom

Cross Body Bag:  Louis Vuitton.  Similar styles at Zara and Forever 21

What outfits have you been loving lately?  To check out what kinds of style I am loving, follow me on Pinterest!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Table Talk Tuesday - Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

Today we are going to be making Spaghetti squash with meat sauce!  This is a fun spaghetti alternative and it tastes great.  I haven' made this in years, but it is always a hit when I do.  The squash was on sale at the grocery store last week and it inspired me to make an old favourite.

I usually ending up serving this over egg noodles, so it never works out as a low carb meal for us.  The intention is always low carb and with my new diet plan, I have to give up the egg noodles.

If you are interested in seeing how I put this meal together, read on friend!


  • Spaghetti squash - each squash serves 2 people
  • 1 cup of tomato sauce of choice (I used hot and spicy)
  • 2-3 tomatos
  • 1 small onion
  • 125g ground beef
  • Garlic to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Italian seasoning to taste
These ingredients serve 2 people.


Spaghetti Squash

Cut your spaghetti squash in half

Clean out the seeds

Rub with Olive oil, salt and pepper

Place cut side down and bake at 425F for 45 minutes.

Turn over cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Remove from oven and flake with a fork to get the spaghetti strand

While the spaghetti squash is baking....

Meat Sauce

Heat pan, medium heat, with a splash of olive oil

Add onion and cook until onion is translucent

Add ground beef and cook to well done

Add tomatoes, tomato sauce and seasonings to taste

At the last minute I added some chilli powder for a little more heat.  I used 1 tbsp.

Let simmer until the squash is finished baking

Add the sauce directly onto the spaghetti squash and serve hot or...

Scrape the flesh out of the squash and add it to the meat sauce.  Serve like this or over noodles.

This was delicious and fun to eat.  My toddler didn't seem to notice that it was not spaghetti!

Let me know if you try this recipe!!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!!