Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What I Wore Wednesday - Best Accessories of 2016

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Today we are talking about accessories!!  I am more of an accessory girl then a clothes girl.  I love to add jewelry pieces to my outfits and mix and match metals.  There are no rules when it comes to accessories.  Wear what you like and you will own your outfit!

Jewelry and Watch

I almost always wear a watch, earrings, necklace and a bracelet.  Using accessories to modernize or dress up an outfit is the easiest and cheapest way to follow trends.  You can wear a basic outfit, add accessories and bam, now you are a fashionista!

These have been my absolute favourites this last year.  All of the items are fashion jewelry except for the Opal earrings, which were a Christmas gift in 2015, but you can easily find an inexpensive pair.

Get yourself some trendy fashion jewelry and dress up your outfits!!


Similar Plaid Blanket Scarf, Similar Leopard Scarf, Houndstooth Scarf

I love a beautiful scarf.  I live in Northern Canada so these do not sit in my drawers.  They get a lot of use 9 months a year.  For the few months of summer, I can usually still wear the thinner scarves on colder days.

I have no many that my husband rolls his eyes when ever I talk about buying a new scarf.  I don't currently have any luxury scarves.  I had an LV Logomania, but found I never wore it, so I sold it to a new home.

I like to have an array of prints and colours.  I love a good plaid, hounds tooth and leopard scarf.  These are the three that I reach for the most.  They go with all of my jackets and shoes and match with most of my outfits if I take my jacket off.  In the warmer months, I will often just throw on a scarf without a jacket for the extra bit of warmth.

Scarves are essential in my wardrobe and I would happily wear the same jeans and t-shirt everyday if I could jazz it up with a scarf!

Wish List

I already have an accessory wish list started for 2017.  My first purchase is more then likely going to be this gorgeous scarf. 

Reversible Scarf

It combines two of my favourites!  How perfect!!

What were your favourite accessories of 2016?  What do you have on your wishlist for 2017?

As always, take care and talk to you tomorrow.

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