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Thursday is for Luxe - SLG Collection 2016

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Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far.  We have been up all night with our little one.  He is teething and growing and just can't seem to sleep the night.  Hopefully this phase passes soon and we can al get a good nights rest.

On to the good stuff!

Today I am going to show you the SLG collection I ended 2016 with.  I bought and sold a ton of things trying to work out what I really need and what works for me.  I could probably still thin it out a little bit, but I love all the items that I have.  The only additional thing I want is a Key Cles in DE, but I won't get that until I get my Speedy B 30 in DE either much later this year or next year!

SLG Collection 2016 

LV 6 Key Holder, LV Sunglass Case MM, LV Mini Pochette
LV Key Pouch, LV Sarah Wallet, Fendi Monster Key Pouch
LV Card Holder, LV Victorine, LV Card Holder, LV Caissa Card Holder
LV Round Coin Purse, LV Mirror Bag Charm, LV World Tour Bag Charm, LV Agenda PM

LV Toiletry Pouch 26

Order of Acquisition - Storytime

  • LV Card Holder in Multicolor Blanc - My first LV piece!  I bought this just after they announced the multicolore line was being discontinued!  Such a cute little piece.  I used this for a few months as a mini wallet, but now it is really just a collectors piece.

  • LV Agenda PM Multicolor Blanc - I started to be very agenda oriented and decided a cute little Multicolore PM would be the perfect "take with me" agenda!  I use this for grocery lists, todo lists and for passports on vacation.

  • LV Sarah Wallet Multicolor Noir - This was a holy grail piece for me.  I wanted a Sarah and a Multicolore Noir wallet, so I combined the two and found this pre-loved Sarah for a total deal!  I use this as a full sized wallet in my bigger bags.

  • LV Card Holder Multicolor Noir - I wanted this little piece to compliment my Blanc Card Holder and was lucky enough to find this piece in like new condition for a fantastic price!  I use this as a collectors piece and for display.

  • Fendi Monster Key Pouch - This was a total impulse purchase.  I was on the Saks website and stumbled across this piece.  I had to pre order and wait months for it.  Worth the wait!  I use this to store pictures and keepsakes in my purse.

  • LV Toiletry Pouch 26 Coquelicot Denim - The Summer 2016 LE print was so beautiful. I bought multiple pieces, but this is the one I ultimately kept and use daily.  I use this to hold my everyday makeup products.  It sits on the counter of my ensuite bathroom.

  • LV Round Coin Purse - I hate putting coins in my wallets, and we use a cash envelope system for budgeting, so I always have cash and change on me.  This piece goes with me everywhere, in all my wallets and keeps all that loose change out of my wallets and bags.  It also looks super cute!

  • LV Mirror Bag Charm Monogram and Rose Ballerine - This was another impulse purchase.  I was worried they were going to discontinue it, and I thought it was so cute.  I picked it up off the website and use it to dress up my Neverfull and Lumineuse PM.

  • LV 6 Key Holder Damier Ebene and Rose Ballerine - When I purchased the DE Neverfull with RB interior, I got this to match.  I had two other key holders at the time.  I have since sold those because this was the one I used daily.  It holds my keys and keeps them from scratching up my bags.  It is also great for quick trips out, I can tuck my DL and a CC in the card slot and go!

  • LV Mini Pochette Damier Azur Trans Atlantic - This is my only Damier Azur piece.  I wanted a LE print and when the adorable Trans Atlantic design debuted last October, I picked up this piece.  I use it as a "junk drawer" in my bags.  It stores bits and bobs, extra extra cards, makeup and lady products.  Don't let this little thing fool you, it holds a ton!

  • LV World Tour Bag Charm - My wedding theme was built around Flamingos and Garden Gnomes, lol, so I just had to have this cute bag charm.  Didn't need it, but it looks great with DE and Monogram bags.  Plus, I am obsessed with all things World Tour.

  • LV Sunglass Case MM - I bought this as soon as it cam back into stock on the LV website.  These were impossible to get for a long time.  It had been on my wish list for ages.  I use it to store my driving glasses and sunglasses.  I have had no issues with my glasses/sunglasses not fitting.

  • LV Key Pouch Marine Rogue - I bought this to use as a small wallet in my growing collection of small bags.  I love navy and when they came out with the Marine Rogue colour, I had to get it!  This little guy fits cards, cash and keys.  It is a one stop shop to use in a smaller bag like a Felicie.  I use it for nights out, quick trips out and when I want to be compact.

  • LV Caissa Card Holder Damier Ebene and Rose Ballerine - I ordered this when it first came out and LV never sent it to me.  I completely forgot about it and when I called they said my order must have been cancelled somewhere in the system!  I decided that I wanted a card holder and had been waffling for months on which one to get.  I kept going back to this one and the moment I opened up the box I knew I made the right choice.  It is so pretty and feminine with the pleat and the colours.  I use this when I want something small to slip into my pocket and I don't need keys.  Movie night with my husband or an afternoon walk with the baby.

  • LV Victorine Wallet - I wanted a proper small wallet for my mini bags that could hold everything that my Sarah does.  When the Victorine came out, I knew it would be perfect.  I picked one up pre-loved in the Monogram and  Rose Ballerine.  I loved it and was using it daily.  When the World Tour version came out, I fell in love and sold my Rose Ballerine.  The World Tour is my current obsession and I am so, so happy to have this little Victorine.  I use this as my everyday wallet for my smaller bags.  It fits perfectly in everything from a Felicie to the Pochette Metis!
Phew!  There it is, my SLG collection and little stories on each one.  I will be doing reviews on all of these, so keep an eye out for that!

I think I have found SLG peace with these pieces!!
What is your "can't live without" SLG?  If you have any questions, please comment below!!

As always, take care and talk to you tomorrow!

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