Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday is for Luxe - My Handbag Collection 2016

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Today we are talking about my favourite subject - Luxury Handbags!!

I wanted to do a post on my 2016 final handbag collection.  I bought and sold a lot this year and these are the bags I have landed on.  I am trying not to have too many "doubles."  This lot seems to be perfect for my needs.  They all happen to be Louis Vuitton, except for one Chanel.  I have owned more of a variety in the past, but have found that LV is where my heart is. 

Here is the little collection I ended 2016 with!!

LV Lumineuse, LV Neverfull, Chanel GST
LV Alma BB
LV Pochette Metis, LV Felicie, LV Palm Springs Mini
LV Felicie

Small Bags

Larger Bags

I think I need to add a Hobo :)

I started the year with the LV Lunimeuse in Infini.  That bag was my unicorn.  I never thought I would find it in New Condition or own it!  When I happened to come across this one in perfect condition with receipt I jumped on it!  I don't use it often but I know it will get more use when my son is older and I can use a top handle bag again!

I added the Chanel GST mid year, after I found it for a great deal, from a trusted seller and now internet friend!  I have used this bag to death.  It is great for an everyday bag and fits a ton without being too bulky.

Next I purchased the Neverfull MM in the summer.  I had been waiting and waiting for the rumored Damier Ebene with Rose Ballerine interior and when it arrived on the LV website, I snapped it up!  This is the quintessential tote bag.  An endless pit. 

I had sworn off buying anymore bags for the year when that gorgeous Leopard Felicie made an appearance!  It was sold out forever and then a few popped up on the website and I pressed complete order without even thinking about it.  This is my evening/special occasion bag and it is my absolute favourite LV bag.

I decided to purchase a bag for my birthday and after lots of research I decided on the LV Alma BB in the World Tour print.  I fell in love with the World Tour print.  I think it is one of my overall favourite LV collections.  I wanted everything, but again, am trying not to double up.  Happy Birthday to me!

My husband surprised me with the Palm Springs Mini in Reverse Monogram.  I have been trying to lose all this baby weight and he wanted to show me his support/encourage me to keep on it!  Thanks babe!

The World Tour Felicie had been out of stock forever and when they restocked I decided to buy it for resale.  Once I got it home and opened the box, I knew that baby wasn't going anywhere!

My last purchase of 2016 and probably 2017 too from all the damage I did, was the Pochette Metis in Reverse Monogram.  Pictures of this bag started popping up a few months before release and when a release date was named I was all over it.  I was literally on the computer refreshing the site until it went live.  I have never had any interest in the Pochette Metis but with the Reverse Monogram is it so gorgeous.  This has become my most used bag in the short time I have owned it.  So functional and stylish.  I don't see myself switching out to another bag anytime soon!

I can recommend all of these styles as functional and beautiful handbags.  If you are thinking about any of them, I say go for it!

I have some other bags that are considered Continental Brands and will do a separate post on them!

There we are, my little collection.  I have reviews on a few of them and am planning on doing in-depth reviews on the rest, so stay tuned for that!

What are some of your favourite luxury bags?  I would love to know in the comments below!!

As always, Take Care!

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