Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Favourites

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April has been a busy month with a lot of change.  I am no longer a stay at home mom, I am now a working mom!  The weather has finally warmed up and we are going for walks at night, spending more time outdoors and putting away our winter clothes.

I have lots of great and exciting items to share with you all!

Louis Vuitton Agenda PM - Now that I am on the go more, to work and running errands on a schedule, I have been relying on my Agenda PM daily.  I toss it in my purse and can refer to it all day and jot down any notes.

Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM - I have been using this bag every single day.  It is the perfect work tote, the perfect every day bag.  It holds an endless amount and looks great with any outfit.  This month reminded me why this is my holy grail.

Louis Vuitton Felicie Inserts - These little inserts are so handy.  I have been using them as my wallet in larger bags and love it.  They are versatile and hold everything I need.

Gap Utility Jacket - A jacket can't be more perfect.

Old Navy Pixie Pants - I need to buy five more pairs of these.  They fit great, wash up well and are the perfect work pant.  I need to get them in grey, navy and oatmeal.

Converse Shoes - I never thought I would love a pair of Converse as much as I love these shoes.  They are a cute little pair of slip on sneakers.  They are great for the park, the mall or walking around the block.

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination - I have had this foundation forever.  I stopped using it and then picked it up when I started doing interviews and fell back in love with it.  It is a long lasting, light weight powder foundation.  It last the entire day at work and still looks great.  I need to order a new one!

Katy Kat Pearl Lipstick in Purrty In Pink - Love.  Super love.  A frosted pink lipstick.  Just love.

What are your favourites this month?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Louis Vuitton Reveal!!

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

I did a little shopping and picked up this piece from Louis Vuitton.

What could be inside??

Just a fun little reveal of the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette in the Limited Edition Tahitienne Print for Spring/Summer 2017.

I sold my other Mini Pochette to purchase this one, as I have decided on a strict no duplicate, one in one out policy!

It is just so pretty!!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Katy Kat Pearl - Swatches and Reviews

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After searching for weeks - I finally found the new Covergirl Katy Kat Pearl release!

I picked up two lipsticks, both highlighters and an eye pencil.

The collection is all high frost, which is amazing in my opinion.  I love a good frost lipstick and a little frost in my highlighter can't hurt either!

Purrty in Pink / Apricat

Tiger's Eye / Tiger Rose

The entire collection is great.

The lipstick is pigmented, long wearing and doesn't bleed.  It goes on opaque in one swipe.  Both Purrty in Pink and Arpicat are high frost.  Purrty in Pink is a blue pink frost and Apricat is a cool peach frost.  I think they both look great on the lips.  They are hydrating and very pretty on.  As frost do, these both settle into lines on the lips, but not in the severe way that a liquid lipstick does.

On their own, or mixed together, the lipsticks are great and I am kicking myself that I didn't pick up the coral colour as well.

The highlighter/shadows are beautiful.  They are not a high glow/shimmer highlighter that has been trendy as of late.  They are just lovely, soft, lightly frosted highlights.  They define and catch the light, but are not blinding.  They are very creamy and blend out well.  You can build from very sheer to higher impact.  They can be used on the eyelids as well, or as a blush topper.

Tiger's Eye is a golden highlight and Tiger Rose is a cool toned pink highlighter.  They perform the same and both have great staying power.

I like to use Tiger's Eye as a highlight on the cheekbone and on the eyelid.  I prefer Tiger Rose as a blush topper and a eyeshadow.

Either way, they are lovely and I have been enjoying a more subtle highlight.

The eyeliner is a fun frosted white.  It is an iridescent white called Kitty Whispurr.  It is not the best eye liner.  If you have used a drugstore eye liner in the past, this is probably the same.  It goes on smooth, but is not pigmented and takes a few swipes to build up to opaque.  The staying power isn't great.  I found it disappeared in a few hours.

That said, it looks great while it lasts.  I don't mind having to reapply because it adds a little pop of frost on my waterline!

I have really enjoyed all of the products in this Katy Kat line - matte and pearl.  This has been such a good collaboration with Cover Girl and Katy Perry.  I hope to see more!


Friday, April 21, 2017

Luxury Bag Charms. Are They Worth It?

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Bag Charms. 

They have been taking the Luxury Handbag world by storm for a while now.  From pompoms to luggage tags to cles to metal and leather charms, they are everywhere.

Instagram has seemed to really add fuel to the bag charm fire, along with the Limited Edition nature of most bag charms.

A question I see and heat a lot is:  Are Luxury Bag Charms Worth The Money?

I feel like with everything else in the luxury world, this question is unique to everyone.  I have a very conflicting opinion on the subject and will share that with you here.

Luxury Bag Charms:  Are they worth it?

Probably Not

Now hear me out.  I love bag charms.  I have two leather charms and I put them on everything.  They are so cute and can change up the feeling of a bag. 

You can get luxury bag charms in any shape, material, colour or design you can think of.  I feel like most people buy charms that mean a little something to them or are specific in choosing colours and designs.

I am the same way.  I purchased the rose ballerine mirror charm because of the rose ballerine and because it matched all of my bags.  I picked up the Flamingo charm because Flamingos were my wedding theme and that one felt really personal for me.

The problem comes into play because of the price.  They generally range from three hundred dollars and into the thousands depending on the brand, size and material of the bag charm.  With the popularity, they have really increased in price over the last few years.

I look at my bag charms and think,  I could have used that money to get a bag.

I also look at the bag charms and think that their popularity is going to end and I am going to have these items that I am never going to use and that no one wants to buy.

I see some people with beautiful bag charm collections.  I love them.  I appreciate them.  If I was a millionaire, I would probably own all the bag charms, but with a set amount of income and money to spend on Luxe goods, I can't quite justify owning luxury bag charms.

I am in the market to sell one of my charms and I am working myself up to sell the other one.  I would rather put that money towards a bag or a wallet or just something else.

You can also get very cute, non-luxury bag charms for twenty dollars.  If I want to dress up my bags, I will go this route in the future.

Bag Charms, why do you have to be so cute?  Is the real question!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

March Book Recap

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment.

I wanted to share the books I read in February/March with you.  This review is a little late, but I kept putting it off to do other blog posts.

I am pretty proud of myself for taking the time/finding the time to read last month.  I am not doing as well in April, but I hope to pick it up this last half of the month now that the holiday is over!

The Woman In Cabin 10 was a quick read for me.  I want to say that it went by because I couldn't put it down, but I think it was because about 1/4 in I started skimming.

This book did not hold my attention.  It was not suspenseful.  I found the main character frustrating and hard to root for.  I mostly just wanted it to be over and I hate giving up on a book so I read to the end.

Behind Closed Doors was a page turner.  The concept is so disturbing and creepy.  I needed to know what happened next.  I don't want to give anything away, but this is a must read.  Not a dull moment in the whole book.

The Silent Wife is beautifully written and creates ambience and emotions with its words.  I think that the story is relatable to anyone who has been in a relationship.  You think you know where the story is going and it flips on you.  The story is slow to pick up, but if you like a character based novel with lots of detail, you will like this one.

13 Reasons Why was a last minute edition to my March list.  The preview for the Netflix show popped up and I wanted to read the book first.  This book was a page turner.  I read it in a few hours.  It is not the best writing in the world, but the story is unique and engrossing.  I read it until the wee hours of the morning, because I literally could not put it down.

I hope you get to do some reading this month!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Easter Table

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

Easter is always a grand celebration in our family.  We start the day with an egg hunt, head over to my grandparents house for a light Easter lunch, retreat to our beds for a food coma induced siesta and then sit down for Easter dinner.

This year we kept the menu simple.  Baked ham, cold potato salad, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.  I baked a triple layer carrot cake for dessert!

I set the table in bright colours and used the always favourite mini eggs as d├ęcor!

I will say, Easter has a renewed whimsy about it now that I have a child.  The look on his face when he sees the easter eggs.  He decided that all the mini eggs were for him and stole every packet off the table and hid them in his wagon!

It was a busy, beautiful day.


Place Settings

Carrot Cake Recipe

Salt and Pepper Shakers

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Sephora VIB Sale - What's In My Cart

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The spring Sephora VIB sale is upon us.  Now is the time we stock up on our favourite cosmetics and rejoice about finally getting a discount on things that never go on sale.  This is Make up addicts Christmas.  I wanted to show you what is in my cart, ready and waiting for me to checkout tomorrow with my discount code: VIBSPRING

I use the VIB Sale to stock up on my must haves and maybe get a few higher priced items I have my eye on.

I have to say, my cart is pretty boring and practical this time.  There are really no items that I am lusting over and I have put myself on a lip product ban (except for just one)!!

Looks like it is just staples for me!

What is in your Sephora cart?

Happy shopping!!


FYI:  Don't forget to sign up for Ebates to get 8% cash back for even more savings!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

Cuff / Make Up Gift Set / Vacation

I love to treat my Mum when holidays come around.  She has always been there for me and I would say she is my best friend.  She gave up so much for my brother and me.  She is the kindest, most generous person I have ever known.

Now she is the best Grandmother to my son.  His little eyes light up whenever he sees her and no one, no one, can make him laugh like she does.

I can't express my love for her enough.  So on Mother's Day, I will spoil her with something frivolous!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!!


You can shop the affiliate links above.  If you do, I receive a small commission on the sale.  There is no additional cost to you.  Please review my disclosure policy for more detailed information.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Louis Vuitton Felicie Review and WIMB

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

The Felicie has been one of my most used bags since September.  I first purchased the Leopard Felicie.  It was too beautiful to pass on.  I acquired it for the specific purpose of using it as an evening and special event bag however I found myself using it as an every day bag.  I wanted to baby it a little more then that, so I decided to get another one.  When LV put out the World Tour version, I had to pick it up.  Now the Leopard is taken out for special moments and the World Tour is used as an every day bag.


The Felicie comes with a chain strap and two inserts - a flat card case and a zippered pouch.  It is technically a Wallet On Chain, but works as an independent bag.  You can choose to wear it as a shoulder bag, a clutch or a cross body bag.  As mentioned, it can also be a wallet. 

The inserts can be used on their own.  I find them very handy in all of my bags.  I recently sold my Caissa card holder, because I prefer to use the card insert in my smaller bags as it can accommodate unfolded bills. 

What's In My Bag

This is a small bag - a wallet sized bag.  It does not hold a lot.  I use it for quick errands and nights out.  I love to take it when we go to the movies or for a casual dinner.  I generally put my victorine, 6 key holder and a lipstick inside and call it a day.  If I am feeling adventurous and want to switch everything out, I use the inserts that come with the bag.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this bag 100 percent.  If you like to go compact or want to follow the small bag trend, then you should look into the Felicie.  It has a reasonable (for luxury) price point, is multi-functional and is cute as a button.  There are endless colourways and special editions.  I have to stop myself from purchasing more!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wardrobe Wednesday - I Need Shoes

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Welcome back to A Mascara Moment!!

I need shoes desperately!

When  I was pregnant, my feet got bigger.  This is a real thing that can happen!  I went up a full shoes size.

None of my old shoes fit.  I have been getting by with a few pairs of flats I purchased last year.  I didn't want to face the fact that my feet were not going to go back to their old size.  I was in total denial!

Two years on and they are not getting any smaller!  I am now a size 9 foot.

I did a big shoe clean out and put all my shoes, save 2 pairs flats, 1 pair slip-ons and 3 pairs of trainers, in the garage sale pile.

I need a refresh!

So I thought I would take you all online shopping with me!

Lets buy shoes!!


I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of shoes for spring and summer.  They will all go with most of my outfits and look super comfortable!  I am going to do some outfit pairings once they come in!

How cute are these little slip on sneakers!  I have never owned a pair of Converse, but I think these are going to be great.  I will pair them dark and white denim shorts.

Who doesn't need a pair of Birkenstock for the summer?  These will pair with dresses, shorts and pants!  I can't wait to dress these up and down!

I went out on a limb and ordered these sandals from Crocs!  They will be perfect with dresses and for a less casual vibe then the Birkenstocks.  I hope they look cute in real life!

Saved For Later

I have a pair of shoes that I fell in love with, but haven't pulled the trigger on!

I am in love with these, but I am not sure I want to spend $90USD on a pair of shoes from a brand I am not familiar with.  If you have any experience with Sole Society, please let me know what you think!  These have such a Valentino vibe without the Valentino price tag!

Designer Dreams

These would be my designer choices if money grew on trees!

I want these in every colour!  I am not a huge fan of the "slide" craze, except for these.  I love these so much!  I might need to splurge and pick these up!  They will go with anything and everything!

SJP is becoming one of my most coveted shoe brands!  I would buy them all, but for spring/summer specifically, I wish I could get these!  They would be so cute with dresses, capris and even shorts.  So perfect!

Well those are my shoe picks for this spring/summer!  I hope to add some heels as well, but I need to try those on as my new feet size makes ordering heels online tricky.

What shoes are you coveting?!

Take care and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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