Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tarte GraveyardGirl Swamp Queen Palette - Review and Swatches

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Today we are going to swatch and review the very popular Tarte Palette - Graveyard Girl's Swamp Queen.  I did not review this when I initially picked it up because it was sold out everywhere.

To my surprise Tarte has re-released this palette and the Graveyard Girl Liquid Lipsticks.

So now I can review it for you all!

Here we go...


This palette comes in a thin and sturdy cardboard case with a magnetic closure.  There is a large mirror and a brush inside the palette.

The brush is actually useful!!


Sweet tea, Does this thing..., Garor Wings

#SFS, natural peaches, dogman, big baby, sassy bun, sippy sippy, haunting, uncommon, mancat


Before I review this, I just want to say that I am a fan of Bunny from Graveyard Girl.  I think she is fantastic and a great female role model.  I tried not to be bias when I did this review, but I am sure I probably am.

I am a huge fan of this palette.  It is a great mix of colours and textures.  It really is a one stop shop for your face make-up.  You can do eyes, blush and highlight all from this palette.  I don't contour or bronze so that is not an issue for me.  I use it all the time and pack it with me when I travel.

To note:  I love glitter.  I love glitter shadows, highlights, blushes, and glitter fallout so that is a bonus for me.  If you dislike glitter, this palette is not for you.  If glitter fall out makes you crazy, this palette is not for you.

In depth:

Sweet Tea -  A very warm orange toned matte bronzer.  This is too warm/orange for me to use on my face, but it is a perfect crease colour.  Goes on even and pigmented.  Blends smoothly and stay all day.

Does This Thing Really Work - A gorgeous plum blush with glitter.  This blush is pigmented.  Be careful when you apply!  It blends out like a dream and leaves a beautiful glow.

Gator Wings - A glitter packed, champagne coloured highlight.  This goes on super pigmented and shines!  There is glitter fall out.

Eyeshadows - All of the eye shadows are pigmented and apply opaque and evenly.  They all blend out well but do not layer well.

Big Baby is powdery and somewhat streaky.

Dogman, Sassy Bun and Sippy Sippy are my favourites from this palette.  Sassy Bun is one of my favourite eyeshadows ever.

I recommend this palette.  It is $54CAD on Tarte.com.  I think it is work the cost.  The amount of use I have gotten out of it already has more then paid for it!

And, it smells like chocolate. 

I would jump on this if I were you.

I also hope they make Sassy Bun a single shadow!

Did you pick this up?  What do you think of it?  What do you think of the re-release?

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