Thursday, November 24, 2016

Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Springs Backpack - Reverse Monogram - Review and Photos

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I thought I would do another LV review/photos for those of you who loved the first one,

Today we are going to be looking at the Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Springs Backpack - Reverse Monogram.

This item was a gift from my husband.  He noticed how much I was enjoying my Zara Mini Backpack and wanted to get me the LV version.  I don't know that I would have purchased this for myself, as I already have the Zara one, and it is a very expensive item for a "trendy" piece.  That said, I do love it!  It was such a thoughtful gift and I can't get enough of this little purse.

I wanted to do this particular review now because there are rumors that the Mini Palm Springs is being discontinued, so if you are interested in it, try to get it soon!


Price: Reverse Monogram - $2470CAD

Current Variations: 
  • Original Canvas Version - $2300CAD
  • LE World Tour - $2540CAD
Accessories:  This bag comes with two black adjustable shoulder straps.

Material:  The exterior is canvas, the straps and handle are leather and the interior is a wipe able textile lining.


                                                                                      Accurate Colour ^

I tried to get the colour of the reverse monogram as accurate as possible.  In pictures and on YouTube it looks more mustard, but in person it is a rich caramel colour.


The Mini Palm Springs can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, top handle or cross body bag.  I generally wear it cross body.

It is comfortable to wear and the adjustable straps make it easy to personalize for your needs.

This is a fun and casual every day bag.  I can throw it on cross body and not worry about it.  There is no vachetta, so it is an all weather bag.

I think it is super versatile and can hold all of your daily essentials.  The washable interior is great if you are using it as a backpack to hold snacks or liquid.

I love it and wear it every chance I get.  I adore the reverse monogram and I think that is one of the reasons I love this bag so much.

The zipper is a temporary con for me.  When you first get the bag, the zipper is hard to open.  It has more to do with the shape of the bag and not the zipper itself.  Once it is worn in, the zipper is no problem at all and opens smoothly.


This little bag holds a ton!  Below are the items that I regularly carry in it!

Top Row:  Fendi Monster Key Pouch, LV Victorine
Middle Row:  6 Key Holder, LV Mini Palm Springs, Passport Holder (Etsy)
Bottom Row:  LV Bag Charm, LV Round Coin Purse, LV Mini Pochette

With room to spare!

The Mini Palm Springs can also hold a full sized wallet, which is always a plus if you are in a hurry and don't have the time to switch out wallets!

Have you purchased a Mini Palm Springs?  Do you love it?  I hope this review was helpful for anyone on the fence about this item!

Happy Shopping!

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