Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Go To Fall Nail Look Featuring MAC, ESSIE and ZOYA

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Welcome back to my blog.

Today I am going to show you my go to fall nail look. 

Let's jump in...

The How To

Zoya Maria Luisa, MAC Fatigues, Essie Protein Base Coat

  • I always start with Essie's Protein Base Coat.  I swear by it.  It keeps my nails strong and I think it reduces the yellow staining.

  • The main coat is either a Camo Green or a Dusty Green. 

  • I finish the look off with a gold flake top coat. 

There you have it!  My go to fall nail look.

I like to keep it simple and long wearing.

What colours are you rocking this fall?

Take Care,

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