Friday, September 30, 2016

Zara Convertible Back Pack - Review and WIMB

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Today I am going to do a review and a WIMB.

I wanted to get this done quickly as they are still in stock on the Zara website.  This bag was out of stock for ages so get it while you can.

This Zara back pack is the perfect inexpensive alternative to the Louis Vuitton Mini Palms Back Pack.  I love me a designer handbag (obviously) but when it comes to trendier pieces, I prefer to go with a highstreet option.  If I only spend $50 and use the bag for a few seasons, then no big deal; however, if I spend $2000, then I am going to hate having the bag sitting around unused and they never seem to retain their value in the resale market.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

Here she is!!

Material:  Black faux pebbled leather

Dimensions:  Height x Width x Depth: 21 x 25 x 10 cm. / 8.2 x 9.8 x 3.9″

Straps: 2 adjustable faux leather strap, 1 gold chain strap

Wear Option:  Backpack, shoulder bag, one shoulder backpack.  The straps are not long enough for cross-body, but it would be easy to add a longer strap.

Price 49.90 CAD available at

Zara Convertible Back Pack

What Can Fit Inside You Ask?

I filled it with different combinations of the items seen below.  This little bag can fit a full size wallet comfortably!  It is such a great piece.

Left to Right:  Fendi Key Holder, Chanel Coin Pouch, LV PM Agenda, LV Clemence Wallet, Zara Back Pack, LV Sarah Wallet, Ray-Ban Sunglass Case, LV Round Coin, LV Mini Pochette, LV 4 Key, LV 6 Key

Below are four examples of the back pack with different combinations of the above items...

In all the examples, there is still room for more!

What's In My Bag

This is a picture of the items I have been carrying in it...

I have been finding that I like to have compact items in my compact bag.  It is kind of a theme.  Small bag, small slg's and it gives me an excuse to properly use all my items.

I am in love with this little bag and it has helped me carry less and be more compact.

It also looks super cute casually slung over my shoulder :)

Let me know if you make the plunge into a mini back pack, whether Zara, LV or Forever 21!

Take care,

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