Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Favourite Lip Combinations

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Today we are talking my favourite lip combos.

These are all my go to mix and match lip looks.

Let's do this!

Revlon Snow Pink and MAC Crème Cup

This creates a beautiful soft pink look.  It looks great with a dark eye or for an everyday lip.

I layer the gloss over the lipstick and am ready to go!  Simple and perfect.

MAC Angel, MAC Oyster Girl and Kylie Cosmetics Koko K

If you are feeling nostalgic 90's frost, this is the lip combo for you!  It gives the perfect high frost look!  I wear it with a muted eye look and a light blush.

I line and fill in my lips with KoKo K. add a layer of Angel and finish with Oyster Girl in the center of my top and bottom lip. 

Urban Decay Naked 2 and Urban Decay Lovechild

I love Naked 2, but it can wash me out, being as pale as I am, so I layer it.  This gives a great light nude brown look and the pink cools it down enough to work for me.

I do one thin layer of Lovechild and add Naked 2 on top. I usually do two layers of Naked 2.

Urban Decay 1993 Urban Decay Native

I am a 90's child at heart, and love a brown lip look, but it can be a bit jarring today.  This look creates an updated 90's brown, in my mind anyway!

I do one thin later of Native and then layer one thin coat of 1993 on top.  It still creates a matte look, but mutes the brown just enough.

CoverGirl Perry Panther and Kylie Cosmetics King K

I am going to be a witch this year for Halloween (super original, I know) and this is going to be my lip look.  It makes a dark, vampy, black bronze look.

I put on a layer of Perry Panther, one layer of King K and then top it with another layer of Perry Panther.  Try this, it is very fun.

As I was writing this up and taking photos, I realized I do not have products for 2 of my favourite looks.

I am going to use stock photos (photos from Sephora.com) for now and will update when I have ordered them.

YSL 15 Corail Intuitive and YSL 27 Peche Cerra-Cola

This combo is the most perfect pink lip you will ever wear.  I read about it on the blog Emilymaynard.com and have been obsessed with it ever since!

I put Peche Cerr-Cola on first and then add a few layers of Corail Intuitive over it.  So perfect!

Nars Cruising and Nars Turkish Delight

This is my perfect Nude lip.  I have tried to substitute Cruising with other (cheaper) nudes but I always go back.  I must have misplaced my tube, because I am never without this!

I do one layer of Cruising, top it with Turkish Delight and then one final layer of cruising.  My favourite look of all time!

Nothing too shocking, but all beautiful wearable lip looks and one Halloween option!

I hope you try some out for yourself.

What are your favourite lip combos??  I would love to know!

Take Care,

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