Thursday, September 8, 2016

Louis Vuitton Comparison: 4 & 6 Key Holder

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Welcome back to my blog.  You have come on a great day!  I am going to talk about one of my favourite SLG's - the Louis Vuitton Key Holder.

I have received a few inquires about how much can fit in the different size key holders and thought I would do a comparison.

Here we go...

I have had both of these items for a number of months and have been using both sizes.

They are not made equal and we will see that as the comparison goes on.

6 Key and 4 Key Holder

As you can see, the six key is the same height, but a longer width then the 4 key.

The 6 key has the added bonus of being able to hold cards in the slip pocket behind the keys.


Below are the keys I always carry with me on a day to day basis.

My house key, garage key, some interior keys and my vehicle key.

Note:  I keep all of my keys on small rings to make it very easy to take on and off. 

6 Key Holder

This is how the set up looks with all of the keys in the 6 key holder.

As you can see, they all fit perfectly and the key holder snaps closed with no excessive stretching.

No I will add my husband's vehicle key. 

It is starting to get bulky at this point and the interior is packed.

As pictured, the 6 key holder will still close with all the keys plus my husband's key, but is it very bulky and stretched.

4 Key Holder

All of the keys do not fit comfortably in the interior.  I only added my house keys and my vehicle key.

Even with some keys excluded, you can see that it will not snap closed.

Here I added all the small keys and excluded the vehicle key.

It closes perfectly with no stretching.

Now with the main house key and vehicle key.

It snaps closed with only a slight bit of warping to the key holder.

I tried it with the house keys and my husband's vehicle key and it won't snap closed.


The 6 key holder can hold all of my keys and two cards and still comfortably close with no stretching or warping.

The 4 key holder can hold two cards, but it is very tight to close it and you can't even add one flat key.


I love both holders but they are suited to very different needs.

If you carry multiple keys and a car key, you are going to need the 6 key holder.

If you only carry normal keys with no bulky additions, the 4 key is more then enough.

I use the 6 key on a daily basis and it is perfect for my needs.  I have two I love it so much.

I would use the 4 key for extra keys or going on vacation where I only wanted to take my house key with me.


If you are thinking of getting one of these, I say go for it!  They make it easy to find you keys, protect the inside of your bags and look so chic!!

Let me know if you get one!  I love to see pictures.

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