Friday, August 26, 2016

SLG Wishlist

A couple of weeks ago I put together my handbag wish list.  You lovely folks seemed to really like it, thanks for that :)

Today I am going to share with you my SLG Wishlist.

I am a complete sucker for SLG's, especially the LE ones.  I constantly save up for bags and then spend all the money on SLG's!  Does anyone else do this?

Let's get to the list!  And please share yours with me in the comments below!!

Louis Vuitton

Caissa Wallet in Rose Ballerine

I ordered this when it first came out and Louis Vuitton never sent it.  There was a glitch and it got lost in the system.  I completely forgot about it, until I bought my neverfull and decided I need a matching wallet.

Caissa Card Holder in Rose Ballerine

The Caissa wallet only has 4 credit card slots, so this little buddy is a perfect addition to hold the rest of my important cards.  It can slide right into the wallet and then those cards are not sliding around.

Monogram Mini Pochette - Trans Atlantique

I missed out on the Evasion line and have regretted it.  The trans atlantique line is just as cute and the monogram mini pochette is going to be pink whereas the monogram evasion line was orange.  I prefer the pink, so it could have been handbag fate that I missed out.

I will insert a picture when I can find one!


Boy Coin Purse

The moment I saw this in the Boy version, with the Chevron print, I was in love.  These are so hard to track down new, so I have been scouring the pre loved market.  I found one on Fashionphile in almost perfect condition.  I guess this is checked off the wish list for now!


Chevron Card Holder in Pale Blush

This is one of those "blame it on Instagram" future purchases.  It is just so pretty.  It has great reviews and besides being so gorgeous, is super functional.


Gucci Ghost Mini Bag

The new Gucci Ghost collab is so fresh, trendy and fun.  It merges the classic style of Gucci with the bold imagination of the street artist.  I am especially drawn to the graffiti pieces.  This mini bag is perfect.  I have it in SLG's because I would use it more like a mini pochette then a bag.

Well, there is my wish list.  As with all wish lists, I will probably acquire one or two things and then start my next wish list.  They are always changing and evolving!

What is on your wishlist?

Take care,

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