Thursday, July 14, 2016

Current Handbag Wish List

Today's blog post is inspired by the blogger/youtuber Chase Aime.  If you aren't subscribed to her youtube channel or her website, you need to go and do that and then come back here!

Current Handbag Wish List

This is a list of all the handbags I am currently coveting, loving and obsessing over, but do not actually own yet. 

The criteria for this list is easy;  if I won the lottery tomorrow, which bags would I rush out and buy right away. 

I also explain a little bit about why these bags made the list.

So here we go, my current handbag wishlist...

Chanel GST with GHW

I have the Chanel GST with Silver Hardware and have decided to sell it.  (if you are interested, head over to Skup Consignment).  I purchased the SHW version pre-loved and am in love with the size, accessibility, way it carries and the gorgeous leather.  I am on the look out for one in new or near new condition.  This became my go to, everyday bag before I listed it for sale.  It is perfection.

Chanel Medium Classic Flap in Lambskin

My husband and I went out to dinner with friends the other night and I realized the hole in my collection is that I don't have a dressy evening bag.  All my bags are either large sized or casual.  I don't know if I want silver or gold hardware or if I want a vintage or new bag.  I am just going to keep my eyes open for a good deal and a perfect fit.

Louis Vuitton Speedy B 30

The Speedy B 30 in Damier Ebene is one of those all around perfect, must have bags.  It can be worn multiple ways, and the print literally goes with everything.  This bag will  likely be my next purchase!  Stay tuned...

Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bucket in Black/Dolly

Until I can find the perfect Chanel Medium, I think this is the ideal stand in for a smart and classy evening bag.  The large and Medium sizes are a little too big and more suited to everyday bags.  I am just waiting for the website to restock this combo (and the Canadian dollar to improve) and this will be mine!

YSL Blogger Bag in Dusty Rose

I am a huge fan of YSL bags.  The leather is divine and the designs are always fun and edgy.  My Muse is one of my most used bags.  This adorable little Blogger Bag is the perfect cross body for a quick grab and go back to take anywhere.  I go between this one and the Gucci Disco, but I prefer the overall look of the Blogger bag.

Well, that is my little list.  I hope it inspires you!  Let me know what is on your wish list, or if you have any suggestions for mine!

You can also keep updated with my wish list on my company pinterest page Skup Consignment.

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