Thursday, July 21, 2016

Louis Vuitton Comparison - Zippy VS Clemence

Louis Vuitton Comparison - Zippy VS Clemence

A Louis Vuitton Wallet Showdown:  Zippy VS Clemence


Today I would like to do a quick comparison of two of my favourite Louis Vuitton wallets.  The Clemence and the Zippy.  I have the monogram Clemence with Rose Ballerine interior and the Vernis Zippy in LE Stephen Sprouse Leopard.  I have broken the comparison down into Size, Capacity and Details.

The Monogram Clemence currently retails for $610CAD.
The Monogram Zippy currently retails for $930CAD. 


Clemence:  Length 19cm, Height 9cm
Zippy:  Length 19cm, Height 10cm

The Clemence is only 1cm shorter then the Zippy, but is makes a world of difference.  The Clemence is much more compact in size and fits comfortably in small bags.  The zippy is a full sized wallet and requires a larger bag.


Clemence:  8 card slots, 2 patch pockets, zippered coin pocket, 2 open compartments
Zippy:  8 card slots, 2 patch pockets, zippered coin pocket , 4 open compartments

I can fit the exact same amount of cards, cash and random debris in both wallets; however, everything fits more comfortably in the Zippy.  The extra capacity afforded by the 3 gusseted compartments helps to organize and increase overall accessibility to the items.


Clemence:  Coloured Leather zipper Pull
Zippy:  Metal Zipper Pull

The price point of the Zippy is justified by nicer details.  The metal zipper pull is more durable and has a richer feel to it.

The leather tab on the Clemence is sturdy and super cute, but shows wear and requires extra care to keep it looking clean.


I love both of these wallets.  I use the Zippy more because of the capacity, but the Clemence is perfect for when I want to go more compact.  I hate having to carry an additional card holder, so a must for me when it comes to wallets is that they hold all of my stuff.  These two both fit the bill. 

I have no con list when it comes to these two wallets.  Totally unhelpful, I know!

Which would you chose?  What is your favourite wallet?

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