Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Louis Vuitton Collective Haul

Louis Vuitton Haul

Hello again,

Today I have a collective Louis Vuitton Haul.  This haul goes back to April and includes the LE Jungle collection, Mother's Day gifts and a cheeky purchase from a few days ago.

Without further ado....

Let's start with the pieces from the Jungle collection.  I stalked the website, called the 866 number and generally obsessed over getting these pieces.  I knew they would sell out fast and even with the assurances of the woman from LV, I bought them up as quickly as I could.

1.)  Toiletry 26 in Sugar Pink Poppy

This item sold out almost immediately.  I stalked the website and ordered it at 3:30am when they had a very small and temporary restock.  I love the beautiful print and the vibrant bubblegum pink interior.  I don't need two toiletry bags and am toying with the idea of gifting this or selling it, but I just can't bring myself to do it!

Side note:  I have one for sale at my Luxury Consignment Boutique skupconsignment.ca. 

2.)  Toiletry 26 in Coquelicot Denim

I purchased this Toiletry pouch first because it was in stock.  I honestly didn't expect to like it that much and just wanted to have it in caser I couldn't get ahold of the pink one.  Boy was I wrong, this has turned out to be my favourite of the two colour schemes.  The blue dots pop off the monogram print and the tomato red interior is gorgeous beyond words.  I have been using this as my everyday makeup bag and it sits on the bathroom counter.  I have used it daily since I received it and have had no wear.  I love love love this one.

3.)  Cosmetic Case in Sugar Pink Poppy

I have been toying with the idea of getting a cosmetic case but had never pulled the trigger.  When I saw a preview of this one on Instagram, I got on the phone right away.  I ended up ordering it from the website the next day.  The beautiful print and interior colour really make this cosmetic pouch for me.  It takes a functional piece and turns it into a mini work of art.  I am so glad to have this as it sold out worldwide and never restocked.  I carry it with me in my purse for on the go essentials.

For Mother's Day I treated myself to a few things from my wish list....

4.) Round Coin Case in Monogram

A classic and essential piece.  I have has this on my wish list since it restocked, but at $300CAD I couldn't justify the purchase for a coin holder.  Then I started watching YouTube videos and Minks4all convinced me get it.  There are rumors it is going to be discontinued once again, so I thought I would pick it up and I am so so glad that I did.  It is a piece I use daily and now actually take change with me when I go shopping!  If you have been thinking of getting this one, just go for it!

5.) 4 Key Holder in Hot Pink

The colour sold me on the 4 key holder.  The hot pink interior is to die for.  I thought it would be too small for my needs, but as it is a LE colour and they didn't make it in the 6 key, I ordered it.  I was going to return it as it is too small for all the keys I carry with me, but I just can't.  It is so pretty!!  I am currently using it and I just leave the car key hanging out the top.   I make it work because I love it!

6.)  6 Key Holder in Rose Ballerine

I ordered this at the same time as the 4 key holder.  I knew the 6 key was the right size for my lifestyle and I had wanted the Rose Ballerine version when it was first released.  I love the colour, the size and the fact that it can hold a few cards.  I want to get this piece hot stamped.

7.)  Large Ring Agenda in Monogram - Vintage

If you are a planner person, you will know the struggle of trying to find planner peace.  I hope this is it for me.  The Large Ring Agenda in Monogram is so chic and classic.  It is the holy grail planner for LV and Agenda lovers.  I got mine preloved off of Ebay.  It is a little beat up and imperfect, which I love because I won't be treating it with kid gloves.  I still need to deck it out with dividers and inserts and all manners of geeky planner stuff!

Finally, I picked up my first bag charm...

8.)  Mirror Bag Charm in Monogram and Rose Ballerine

I will blame the YouTuber and Blogger Chase Aime for this purchase.  She pairs this gorgeous bag charm with the Damier Ebene print and it is perfection.  I ordered this from the LV website after she posted another picture of it on her Alma BB.  I didn't think I would like it as much as I do.  I never thought of myself as a bag charm person, but this might convert me.  It looks great on my Lumineuse PM and will look perfect when I get my Speedy 30 B in Damier Ebene.

Well, there is my little haul!

What have you picked up lately from LV or other luxury brands.  I would love to hear in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Take care,

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